Friday, May 2, 2014

Townsend2014 Month 4

We had another great and busy month!  I'm so happy I'm documenting something everyday even though a lot of them are similar.

Day 91: Love these curls!!

Day 92: This cutie wanted a flower in her hair today.

Day 93: Ready for Saturdays 5K!

Day 94: Trying her first sushi!

Day 95: We did it!!  Beat my personal best by over 4 mins!

Day 96: Having a tea party with Papa and CiCi!

Day 97: She's ready for school!  With all that stuff...

Day 98: Just doing a little reading.

Day 99: A little dinner music!

Day 100: This is what time out looks like today.

Day 101: Woo hoo, it's Friday!!  She's ready for our girls weekend!

Day 102: Cutest Easter bunny pic ever.

Day 103: Princess obsessed.  Wearing Elsa & Anna next to her Rapunzel doll, reading the princess encyclopedia while watching Sofia.

Day 104: Do you ever look at something and think maybe there is just ONE too many??

Day 105: Beautiful day to pick some flowers!

Day 106: Austin was out of town all week and surprised his girl today at daycare. I think her smile shows how happy she was!

Day 107: Such a fun night with friends!

Day 108: Being silly with her bestie!

Day 109: Disney on Ice!

Day 110: Happy Easter!

Day 111: Today I'm honored to be a guest blogger on talking about our infertility journey in honor of Infertility Awareness Week.  It's a hard story to share but I'm always glad when I do.

Day 112: It's going to be one of those days....

Day 113: I surprised Hannah when she got home, she didn't know I was already there.   She was so happy!  (She had an accident right before getting home hence the no pants...)

Day 114: Leah's dance recital!

Day 115: Wearing rings from both of my loves!

Day 116: Red Poppy Festival fun!

Day 117: Road trip!

Day 118: Lainey came to watch gymnastics class!

Day 119: Picture day means twirling all morning!

Day 120: Singing happy birthday to Aunt Rachel!

April was a fun month and I can't believe it's already MAY!!!