Saturday, October 31, 2009

Little Leah

Friday I babysat Leah while her mommy was at work.  We had so much fun.  :)  There were a few meltdowns but for the most part we had a great day!

"You mean we get to spend the WHOLE day together?!?!  YAY!!!"  Leah doing her cheers pose!

Happy girl

Not a happy girl.  :(  She didn't want to wear her Halloween costume apparently.

Much better! 

Leah's Aunt Pig made her this bow and I figured she needed to wear it for Halloween!

I love you Leah!!

b-b-b-b-bb-b-B! b-b-b-b-bb-b-B-GO BAYSIDE!!!

So the secrets out!  Check out the cast of Saved By The Bell! 
Jessie "I'M SO EXCITED!" Spano
Zack "Attack" Morris
AC "Sweet Mullet" Slater
Kelly "Skort Sportin" Kapowski

Katie and I worked SO hard to get our costumes all together!  From the wigs/hair paint, Bayside High t-shirts, NoDoz pill bottle, Zack Morris phone, down to the shoes and tight rolled jeans!

Our friends had a Halloween party Friday night and everyone came out dressed to impress!  We had a few Oompa Loompas, Bret Michaels and his "Rock of Love", Dorothy and the Scarecrow, and even a patient (who spent a few weeks in the hospital this summer so he was quite familiar with his costume) with his nurse!  It was so much fun!!

Anyone who's ever seen SBTB knows all about the Zack Morris phone.  Let me tell you, it's impossible to find one of those things so I made one for Austin to "use"!  This is what the post last week was about.  It was pretty easy to make actually.

I also made Jessie a prop!  Remember the episode when she takes too many caffeine pills??  I felt it was necessary for her character to have a bottle for the night!  It's really Skittles in a bottle that I printed a label on.  ;)  Here's a clip of the episode!  It's hilarious.

Zack & Bret Michaels

Slater and his idol

Amanda really out did herself with the decorations!  She has a beautiful home and did such an awesome job getting the house Halloween ready! 

Here I am "SO EXCITED!" with my caffeine pills!  ;)

Shasta & Katie chatting on Zack's phone!

Some of the girls

Zack & Jessie (I spray painted Austin's hair before the party, it was so funny looking up close!)

The four of us were pumped about our costumes and just KNEW we were going to win for the best costume.  Until we saw Cliff & Julie show up....  This was our sad faces when they showed up.

Their costumes were HILARIOUS!!!  Oompa Loompas!  They won a trophy and a Snuggie! 

Katie, Shasta & Box dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies"

Box must really love Oompa Loompas!  ;)

No idea...

Horn after he BROKE THE PHONE I MADE!!!  Grrrr....

And then the "Forever Wedding Dance" dancing started.  It was SO funny!  Sometime around 2am Mike and I found ourselves dancing up and down the room to this song and no one was around.  Ha!  Here's a clip from The Office.

Katie, I think my vest is on you the wrong way...

The late night crew up at 3am!  Kelly, Jessie and Mike the convict!

And finally my phone.  :(  It didn't make it through the night. 

Thanks so much Mike & Amanda for an AWESOME Halloween party!! 

Friday, October 30, 2009

Photo Session Friday!!

Tracy went back to work yesterday and Leah can't get into her daycare until Monday so I took today off from work to babysit my favorite girl!  We decided since tomorrow is Halloween that a photo session was appropriate.

She gave a good two minutes before she ended it but it was plenty of time to capture her precious smiles!

Everyone have a safe and happy Halloween!

Show Us Your Life - Halloween Costumes

It's another Friday at Kelly's Korner and this weeks theme is Halloween costumes.  I don't usually dress up for Halloween but oddly we dress up for every other occasion there is!  But this year we are dressing up for a party tonight so here's a sneak peak at part of my costume!  My father-in-law is wearing my wig (before I trimmed it up a bit).  Any guesses to what I'm dressing as??

Here are a few pics from some of our costume changes!  Back in our "dating days" we started going to Wurstfest (German sausage festival in New Braunfels) and we all dress up in traditional German attire!  It makes it SO much fun and we aren't the only people dressed like this, I swear! 

Austin is wearing his Lederhosen and I'm wearing a Dirndl dress.  We found both of these online.

For NYE a few years ago we went to a costume party were everyone wore "old" clothes.  We went shopping in a thrift store near Mexico and got these outfits!  We rocked it  :)

I looked like Joan Collins in Dynasty

And then finally here is last NYE, it was an 80's themed party!  Brody is wearing a "I still live with my parents" t-shirt and check out my "BOOK IT!!" button! 

Katie & I rockin' the 80's!  Outfits complete with crimped hair and glitter nail polish!  FYI: Glitter nail polish takes FOREVER to get off!!!

Brody was really pleased with me when I dressed him up as a pumpkin...  Sorry buddy, but that's what you get for being a cute tiny dog!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Question & Answer

What kind of Halloween prop can you make with a little
  • foam
  • styro cutter (or knife which is what I really used)
  • grey spray paint
  • white and black paint
  • number stickers
  • and a wooden pole

Answer:  Something AWESOME!!!
I'll post pics after the Halloween party on Friday night!  We HAVE to win best group costume!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

I Need Some IDEAS!!

Ok bloggers, I need some help!  I won a FREE blog makeover (SO excited!) and before I send my info I need to come up with a name for my header and a little slogan to go under it!  Any ideas?!?!  If I pick your idea then you get a hug (or a shout out for being so smart)!  ;)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Is 29 really THAT old?!

Soooo, I went to the mall during lunch to go to this really loud, teenager store called Forever 21 because I saw that they sell headbands with huge bows on them which is exactly what I needed to complete my Halloween costume (it's AWESOME but more on that later).  Three things during that trip made me realize just how old I am.....

  1. I'm not sure if some of the clothes are shirts or if they are dresses....

  2. They sell clothes for "normal wear" and I'm going there to get part of my Halloween costume....

  3. The crazy harrassing cuticle/nail/handcream kiosk guy asked me if I was over 18 (thanks for that by the way, but I'm not buying your stuff) and when I laughed and said "yes, and well over that age" he asked "well, then why would you be shopping at Forever 21?!" 

    I just looked at him and said it's for a Halloween costume, I don't think I'm 18.  And P.S. I'm still not buying that nail stuff.

I've finally reached that stage in my life where I'm actually TOO OLD to go into certain stores.  Well, I probably reached that stage long ago but it's just now sinking in....  :(  Happy Friday!

Show Us Your Life - Fall Decorations!

Every Friday one of the blogs I read has a "Show Us Your Life" series.  I'm like Oprah and I just think it's so much fun to see how other people live (which is pretty much how I got into this whole blog thing to begin with).  Usually I'm just a lurker but this Friday I'm going to participate because I love the topic.  It's Fall Decorations!  I LOVE the fall, it's my favorite season (I originally wanted to get married in the fall but was informed by Austin that we would be breaking the "rules" he and his college buddies agreed to about not getting married during football/hunting season.  Seriously....). 

Some of you are going to think this is lame, so don't make fun of me. ;)  To the rest of you, welcome to Kelly's Fall Decorations!

Living Room:  Here is the Southern Living vase that I got when I hosted a show at my house right after we moved in.  I love it and I change out the flowers with the seasons.  Obviously they are not fresh flowers....  The little pumpkins are from Hobby Lobby (on sale, just like EVERY SINGLE other fall decoration I own!  I never buy seasonal decorations full price, they are ALWAYS on sale!)  The candle is a Yankee Candle Farmer's Market and it smells goooood.  The candles are one of my favorite parts about fall. 

Here is our fireplace (obviously)

Kind of hard to see but this is some kind of swirly fall looking stuff and it's pretty on the mantle.  Nice description, I know. 

These are the pumpkins I got recently at Target.  I just liked them.  :)

Just a creative way to display another candle.

I just liked the things up on the top shelf (another Hobby Lobby buy) and the ghosts are pretty much the only "country" looking things in my house but I thought they were cute.  Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil.  I bought them at a craft fair at work a few years ago for $8.  Can you tell I keep putting things in 3s?  My Godfather Vernon once said you're supposed to do that so I just do. 

Moving onto the kitchen!  Here's just another pumpkin and candle.  This candle is some random brand and it smells AWESOME!!  I wish I knew where I got it because I'd probably stock up.  ;)

The are some dish towels I got from Crate & Barrel last year when they were on sale BIG TIME!  Apparently I need to iron them....  not going to happen. 

Another set of decorations in 3s.

Dining Room:  I can't wait for the day when I can get new dining room furniture but when we moved in my friend's parents were nice enough to give us this set!  It does the job of holding our plates about 5 times a year so it still needs a little fall decor. ;)  I got the runner on sale at C&B and just decorated the candle thing with fall leaves. 

Entry way: I just liked this pumpkin, I thought it was different. 

Fall wreath.  I change the wreath out with the seasons too.

Here is my 1st attempt at some outdoor decor.  I looked EVERYWHERE for a hay bale and couldn't find one for some reason.  So I settled for these little ones and I'm not too pleased with it but whatever, I'm not changing it now.  About 10 minutes after I finished this "porch scape" Austin called and said he found a hay bale.  Oh well, there's always next year.  I think it's still cute, if you don't like it, don't tell me because then my feelings will be hurt.  ;)  I'm just wondering what I'm supposed to do with all these pumpkins after Fall because I can promise you that Austin will NOT be carving them for Halloween! 

Here's a picture of my favorite little pumpkin!  Little Leah all dressed up in her Halloween costume.  I think I have one cute niece, don't you?!  :)

There you have it.  Some of my fall decorations (believe it or not, it's not all of them)! 
Happy Friday everyone!