Saturday, February 14, 2015

Baby T#2 39 Weeks

39 Weeks with Graham
39 weeks with Hannah, I still had TWO more weeks to go with her!!  I can't even imagine that right now.
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 39 Weeks, this is my LAST weekly update EVER!!
Size of baby: Baby Graham weighs over 7 lbs and is over 20 inches (according to Baby Center) and is the size of a small watermelon.  I'm guessing right now that he's closer to 9lbs than 7lbs!  He will be here TOMORROW so we'll know for sure then!  My belly is BIG!  People make comments all the time.  Most of them are strangers so that's always nice...
Total Weight Gain: 25 lbs.  I've gained one extra lb with Graham than I did with Hannah but I started out smaller than I did with her.  It's crazy how closely my weight gain was for both pregnancies.  
Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes
Gender: It's a BOY!!!  
Movement: Graham is still moving but much less than ever before, just because he's out of room.  I usually only feel his arms and legs moving around and sometimes his bottom.  I think the little guy is ready to be out and stretch his legs!
Sleep: Sleep is terrible right now.  I remember at this stage with Hannah it was this way.  I'm only hoping that it's the same with Graham as it was with Hannah and he sleeps well.  I can hope, right?!
What I miss: Sleeping well.  Not being in pain.  
Cravings: Chocolate!  He's probably going to have a pretty good sweet tooth just like his big sister thanks to my sweet cravings.
Symptoms: Heartburn is still a constant but not too bad, I just take TUMS like it's my job.  Tons of BH contractions still.  Last weekend I woke up with back pain followed by painful contractions between 7-10 mins apart and those lasted over two hours.  I finally got up at 5am to get in the shower since I figured this was it and they went away.  Of course!  My legs and hips were so sore the next day.  The rest of the week has been pretty uneventful and I've just been resting as much as possible.
Best Moment this week: Getting a great Dr report on Monday.  He's happy as can be in there and is one big boy!!  I can't wait to meet him tomorrow and finally see just how big he is and see how much he looks like his big sister.

This girl is ready too!  She can't wait for her little brother to get here!  She's going to be such a great big sister.  We've been talking all week to her about how he's coming and we showed her videos of the day she was born so she's ready! 


Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Birthday

Once you have kids your birthdays are very different than they used to be.  I've always been a big birthday person and love celebrating as long as possible.  :)  Now we usually just get together with family or go to dinner and that's just fine with me!
Before we met Lainey and Pops for dinner Hannah helped me open my presents from her and Austin.

She loves her Pops!

Me and my girl

Lainey, Pops and Hannah

The three of us
What a typical picture with Hannah looks like.  :)

She looks like she was flying in Lainey's arms.  Ha

Ice cream!  Yummy

Group pic 

Just hanging out with Pops

It was a great birthday!

It's A BOY!!!

At my 18 week ultrasound we got the news we had a pretty good idea of already, Baby T is a BOY!!
So funny, I left for work that morning before Austin got dressed so I didn't notice until we met at the hospital that he was wearing blue and I was wearing pink.  Ha!  Totally unintentional. 

Picture of our sweet boy.  Happy and healthy!

The next day we told Hannah she was going to have a little brother!  I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous to tell her because ever since we told her she was going to be a big sister she had insisted she was having a baby sister.  I would even say "Hannah, what if it's a baby brother, not a sister?" and her response once was "Mommy, stop saying that.  I'm having a baby sister.  Her name is Lyla"  She named her Lyla and everything!  We still have no idea where that name came from but she names all her dolls Lyla now. 
Anyways, so we prepared her for when she opened the box there would either be pink or blue balloons and what that meant.  She was like, ok, no big deal. 
She opened the box and saw the blue balloons and was so excited! More about the balloons than anything really.  Haha.  And ever since then she's excited about having a baby brother!  That easy.  She surprises us daily.
Blue balloons!

She said she wanted to name him Joey "from the guy on TV Mommy".  She was talking about Joey on Friends.  Haha.  I'm kind of proud that my three year old knows the characters on Friends names.  ;)

She also said "It's ok Mommy, my baby sister is in Daddy's belly"  Hahaha!

She's ready for her baby brother to get here!

H & H

These two girls are so funny!  They are exactly two weeks apart and cousins but they are SO different!  Opposites attract and they are just so cute together and the best of friends.  We were at Tracy and Ryan's house one day and Haley wanted to show Hannah how to drive a jeep.  We're all going to be in trouble when they're teenagers!  You can already see the mischief in their eyes.  Haha.
Wild girls!

No fear, whatsoever!

SO much fun!

They are two silly, spunky little girls!

Labor Day Weekend

Hannah was so excited to have Aunt Jackie and Uncle Bryan come visit for Labor Day!
Picnic time!

Reading the princess book they brought her.  She still reads that book every single night!

Emma came over to play too!

Rowdy girls

On Sunday we went to lunch and did some shopping.  While Jackie and I were walking back from a store we could literally hear Hannah screaming and laughing before we could even see her, Austin and Bryan.  It wasn't hard to find them! 

She was drenched and having the best time!

Haha!  Time to run into another store for some clothes for Hannah!

She looked super cute in her new outfit. :)

That afternoon we headed to our neighborhood Labor Day party.  More water play and more fun!

Then back to the house to swing with Uncle Bryan


Someone was getting sleepy

Monday morning they left (sad) but not before Hannah played dress up with Aunt Jackie

We love when they come to visit!

Hannah Loves the Dentist

We are lucky to have an amazing pediatric dentist in our area and also super lucky to have such a laid back little girl who has never been scared of any doctors or dentists.  With the exception of shots she has never even cried or acted scared at her appointments.  She's a rock star! 
This was her 2nd visit to the dentist and she was super excited to be there as you can see below.
They have lots of fun stuff to play with while we wait.

Then it was time to see the hygienist!  Hannah was ready!

Such a big girl getting her teeth cleaned.

Showing Mommy her clean teeth!

She always loves playing with the Lego table after her visit.


All good for the year!