Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Museum Fun

 One day Liz and I took the girls to the children's museum near our houses.  It is a great museum for their age and super close so it's perfect. 
They played with rice
and did a little grocery shopping


Had a tea party

Hannah wanted to mop the kitchen area

Lina wanted to sweep it up.  We need to put these girls to work at home!

Hannah was the queen and Lina was the king

Then they dug in the rubber for dinosaurs

and drove a truck

You have to drive a truck to get to the fishing hole apparently!

Lina caught one!

So did Hannah!  She was super excited as you can see.

After the museum we headed to lunch and Hannah was almost as happy eating her burrito there than she was at the museum.  Ha.  Girl loves her some food!

We love days with our friends!

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