Monday, February 9, 2015

Father's Day

Father's Day was extra special last year!  We were about a week and a half out from the embryo transfer and were scheduled to go to the Dr the next week for my blood test but I decided to take a chance and take a pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE! I called Hannah into the bathroom and had her run the test to the kitchen were Austin was and said Daddy look!  We were all so excited!  Since we were spending the day with my side of the family I ironed this on Hannah's shirt and put it in the bag for later in the day to surprise everyone.
We spent the afternoon just hanging out in the pool at Lainey and Pops' house having fun. 
Ryan and Leah
Austin and Hannah

Pops, Lainey, Ross and Aunt Janet relaxing


Our little fishy

Ryan trying to not drown with three fish hanging onto his float

Tracy and me with Dad

Everyone was so excited when Hannah came out with her shirt on yelling "hey everyone look at me!"  It was a great day.
The next day (Father's Day) CiCi came into town.  Papa was out of town all summer at Yellowstone National Park so we celebrated Father's Day with Austin.
Daddy with his favorite little girl

CiCi's here!

She loves ice cream just like her Mommy

Hannah is so silly.  She was really excited to give Daddy the present she made him.

I LOVE school presents!  This tool box Hannah made at school

She said her Daddy fixes "my princesses, my orange shirt (her summer program shirt) and my pretty dresses".  I love the things she comes up with.

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