Friday, August 26, 2011

Hannah and Haley

On Wednesday CiCi, Hannah and I headed to Tracy's house so Hannah and Haley could hang out together.  We of course had to take pics of the girls together!  It's crazy how different they are just being two weeks apart!  Hannah was bigger than Haley at her birth but since Haley is two weeks older she's already so much bigger!  In another month it will be interesting to see how close in size they are.

 Sweet Haley

Hannah loved snuggling up to her cousin.  Haley was clearly excited about this.  Ha!

 Haley doing her best Elvis face for us

Beautiful girl

 Mommies and their girls!

Locked arms.  They did that on their own.  Ok, maybe with a little help...  ;)
Sweet baby toes

Hanging out 

Haley got so comfy during the photo session that she decided to just take a little nap.  :) 

Hannah after we got home.  She was worn out! 

Such a fun day with our girls!  Can't wait to spend more time together while we're both on maternity leave!

Two Weeks Old!

Hannah is two weeks old!  I can't believe she's already been here that long.

Two weeks old
August 25, 2011

This is what she thought of Mommy taking her picture.  BORING! 

Hannah has grown so much this week!  I can already tell she's growing each day.  It makes me sad to think how fast she is growing but excited to see how different she becomes everyday.  CiCi came back this week to hang out with us and Austin made his first work out of town trip for the day and missed his baby girl so much.  She is such a sweet baby and we just love her so much!

Hannah, this week you:

  • Still LOVE eating!  You eat like a champ and would eat all day long if I'd let you!
  • Sleep GREAT at night!  You usually only take 1-2 naps during the day but sleep all night long unless we wake you up to feed you.  I really really hope this lasts!  It makes for a very happy Mommy and Daddy!
  • You still get fussy at night around when Daddy gets home and then right before bedtime.  We're trying to figure out what is wrong but usually I end up just feeding you and then you calm down.
  • You went to the pediatrician for your two week appointment and you're doing great!  You aren't quite up to your birth weight like you're supposed to be but the doctor was pleased enough with your progress so we don't have to go back until you're two months old. :)
  • Your two week stats are height 21" (76%) and weight 8 lbs 3 oz (47%) so you're a long and lean girl!
We just love you so much and are enjoying every day with you!  It's been a great week!

Here are some pics of our week

Snuggling on Mommy

Hanging out with Lainey and Pops

B checking out his Sissy

On Monday Tracy and Haley came over so the cousins could meet.  Our friend Megan came over with Tucker and I had to take a pic of how different it is now.  Babies everywhere!

Sleepy girl in her swing.  She looks like she's having a very serious dream.


Sweet girl

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week of Firsts

Considering it's Hannah's first week of life she's pretty much full of "firsts" but there are a few that I wanted to make sure to document.  I know there are a few people who read this blog that are expecting lots of Hannah updates and I don't want to disappoint!  :)

First pediatrician appointment
Hannah did so good at her 1st appointment!  She actually went twice this week and once again next week just to make sure she's gaining weight the way she's supposed to.  She is!  She gained 2oz in two days from leaving the hospital and then another 3oz in the next three days.  She's up to 7lbs 15oz now!  The girl eats like a champ so I wasn't too concerned about it.  Here is Miss Hannah about five seconds before she had her first blowout diaper.  I hurried and got her to the changing table and Austin and I stripped her down quickly and it was EVERYWHERE!!  Somehow it even got on the floor!  Austin and I could not stop laughing.  

Pretty girl ready to see the doctor!

First bath!
CiCi and I gave Hannah her first bath while Daddy took pictures and video.  Hannah wasn't too thrilled with her bath at first but she calmed down and loved being clean!

All clean!

Happy girls!

First professional photography shoot!
When Hannah was six days old the awesome Cortney Russell came to our house to take her newborn pictures.  She's the same photographer who took our maternity pictures a few months ago.  She posted a few pictures but I won't see the rest for another week or so.  Hannah wasn't a big fan of getting her picture taken so I have no idea how the rest are going to turn out but I love the ones I've seen so far!  Hannah really showed her appreciation for getting her picture taken by going potty on Cortney's blanket right after she got started.  Daddy had to work on that stain while she took the rest of the pictures!
LOVE this one!  Hannah really does smile a lot!

We just love this little girl so much and can't wait to see all the "firsts" she's going to have over the years!

One Week Old!

Our sweet baby girl is already one week old!  Well, yesterday she was a week old but I don't know how "on time" I'm going to be these days with the blog so it's just a little late.  Miss Hannah likes to remind me who's in charge around here as far as time goes!

One week old!
August 18, 2011

We've had the greatest week with her!  We came home from the hospital on Monday when she was four days old and had Austin's mom here with us until yesterday.  She was a HUGE help!  She's coming back next week to help us out some more especially since Austin is going back to work.  Sadness.  :(  So, we're on our own for now and it's going great!

Hannah, during your 1st week you:
  • LOVE to eat!!  You will cluster feed at times and want to eat every hour for a few hours about once a day.  This makes for a very worn out Mommy but that's ok, I know you'll develop more of a pattern soon.  When you don't do that we usually have to wake you up to eat.
  • Sleep like a CHAMP at night!!  You don't wake up unless we wake you to feed you.  Daddy and I have a pretty good routine down.  His alarm goes off every three hours and I wake you up and feed  you and then pass you over and he burps you and wraps you back up and you go right back to sleep!  You go down for the night around 10-11pm and sleep until 7-8am.  We know we are very blessed for this!
  • Seem to reach a difficult hour most nights around 8 or 9pm.  You get very fussy and we're just trying to figure out what you need.  Most of the time we think it's because you need to burp but we're not always sure.  
  • Are so alert when you're awake!  You have great head control and like to lift your head up for several seconds at a time.  Daddy is working on tummy time with you everyday for about five minutes and you're so good at holding yourself up!
  • As of today you weigh 7lbs 15oz so you're doing great gaining your weight back!
  • You have peed on Daddy a few times and that makes me laugh pretty hard!  You also seem to like to make a messy diaper and let Daddy change it and then within five minutes you like to go potty again.  One morning I was changing you and I guess you weren't quite done because you "took care of business" on Mommy's hand.  I couldn't even finish changing your diaper because I was laughing so hard so Daddy finished it for me.  You are a sneaky one!
We are having so much fun with you and love watching you do your thing!  You are the sweetest baby and we just love you so much!  We have over 500 pictures of you already so I'll just show a few from your first week at home.

Katie and Lunchbox came to meet Hannah on Monday since they were out of town while we were in the hospital.  This picture cracks me up!

Baby girl loves her swing!

Check out that neck control!

Passed out!  She loves curling up in the fetal position

Hi Hannah!

Hannah's stork

Talking to us


Hannah, CiCi and Brody.  Yes, B is still here!  He just gets less picture time.  ;)  He's doing great with her, he just kind of follows me around and every now and then he sniffs and kisses her.

Hannah sticking out her cute little tongue

Hannah and CiCi before she headed back home

Tummy time with Daddy and B!

She loved it

I have to give a major shout out to Austin for being so awesome all week!  He has been 100% hands on and has helped out with EVERYTHING!!  He's changed more diapers than I have!  When we were in the hospital I couldn't do much and I couldn't lift her or change her because it was really hard for me to get in/out of bed and move around and he changed every single diaper minus ONE!  He also burps her after each feeding and swaddles her and gets up with me during the night to help out.  He's the best Daddy and we're so lucky to have him!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Visitors & Hospital Stay

This is a long post because we had lots of visitors (we didn't get pics of everyone, oops), and a very long hospital stay!

Thursday after Hannah arrived Jan and Shannon came by to meet her!  They also brought an awesome cookie bouquet that was sooo yummy!

Baby girl

Hannah with her little hat on.  Cuteness 

Liz and Chris stopped by to see Lena's future BFF!  They are expecting their little girl in just a few months!

Amber came back to see Hannah!

Uncle Ryan, Austin and Chris all entertained obviously 

Checking out baby girl

Pretty flowers from Lainey and Pops 

The nurses asked us to mark down the time of every feeding, wet and poopy diaper.  Before the 2nd nurse came in we took a pic of the 1st nights activities.  Baby girl had a LOT of poopy diapers that Daddy had to clean!

Sweet girl on her 2nd day

Getting her hearing test done.  She passed with flying colors!  She looks like she's jamming to an iPod.

Pretty girl all dressed up for her hospital pics.  She's in her going home outfit and is on the blanket that I had my hospital newborn pics on!

Holding Daddy's finger

Sleepy girl

Mommy and baby girl (this picture was taken late night obviously)

Uncle Jeff came by to meet the newest family member

Her face cracks me up

Lindsey and Hannah

Friday night we took our 1st walk around the maternity ward.  The 1st of many walks!  

Hannah's cookie bouquet!  There is even a dog in there so Brody isn't forgotten  :)

Daddy and his baby girl.  He is SOOOO in love with her, it's so sweet!

Some of Hannah's loot

Saturday I actually got dressed and ready for the day!   Austin gave me my present for having Hannah, a beautiful pink sapphire and diamond necklace and matching ring that I'm wearing here.  So pretty!

Mommy's new ring and the cutest little butterfly bottom I've ever seen! :)  That was the 1st outfit I bought after I found out Hannah was a girl!

Sweet Hannah hanging out with her Lainey.  She is such an alert baby, right from day one!  All the nurses who came by to check on her commented on what a good and advanced baby she was.  Staying in for an extra week will do that!  I loved their reactions when they'd see her too, they'd walk over and when they'd see her face they'd almost always say "Oh, she's so beautiful!".  I have to agree.  :)  Another thing that several of the nurses said to me was "I hear this is our miracle baby" or "I hear you waited a long time for her".  I don't know what was in her file or if my Dr told them about us or what but it's true, she's our miracle baby!  

Lainey, me and Hannah 

Pops and his newest granddaughter

Love her 

I like this picture because Austin took a picture with the camera and you can see on my cell phone that I had just taken a picture with my phone. We're obsessed.

Aunt Tracy snuggling with Hannah

So awake and pretty!

On Sunday Amber came back with her Mom 

Hannah with her door wreath that I made for her

Hannah loves her Daddy!

Saturday night they weighed Hannah and she was 7lbs 9oz (almost a full pound less than her birth weight) and she was a little high with her jaundice levels so they started having me supplement breast milk after nursing her.  Let me just say, this girl nurses like a champ!  If she had her way, I'd be nursing her every hour.  But her weight got back up an ounce in a day after nursing/finger feeding her and she's all good!  I would have to pump after nursing and use that milk for after her next feeding.  I'd stick my finger in her mouth and she'd suck on it and at the same time I'd put this syringe in her mouth and slowly push the milk in so she'd think she was nursing.

How sweet is this?  I'm finger feeding Hannah and she's holding onto her CiCi's finger.  Love it!

This picture makes me laugh, it looks like she's dancing a little jig! 

On Monday we were finally heading home!  Five nights in the hospital is plenty for the Townsend girls!  She wasn't too happy at first but cheered right up once the car got started.

Ready to go home!

First car ride!

Finally home!

Sweet Hannah Lee

Hannah's stork

We are so happy to be home with our baby girl!  She is just precious and such a sweet baby!!  Austin's mom stayed with us until today and she's coming back next week and is such a HUGE help!  It's been a great first week!