Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Tracy

Monday was Tracy's birthday so my Mom and I went over to her house with presents and cake and to give Haley some lovin'

Precious little sleeping beauty

Aunt K and little Haley

She was alert for a while during our visit!

It's crazy that there is a baby bigger than her inside that huge belly of mine!

We're having a good talk  :)

Pretty girl

Love that blond hair

This picture was almost two years earlier (8/14/09) with little Leah.  We're giving eskimo kisses  :)

 So Haley and I had to do the same thing.  I just realized I'm wearing the same color shirt for both pics

Tracy texted me this picture this morning and it was too cute not to include.  Haley is such a pretty little baby and is a mini-me of her big sister Leah at that age!

I hope you had a good birthday with your girls Tracy!  Love you!

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Stephanie said...

I thought the same thing when we were at the hospital last weekend filling out paperwork and we stopped by the nursery...I told JJ that it's crazy to think something that size (looking at a baby) is inside of me right now! Puts it into perspective b/c I'm trying to figure out how she's positioned right now and I just can't. I hope you are feeling well!! Are you dilated at all?