Monday, March 25, 2013

Six Years!

Six years ago yesterday we said "I do" in front of over 250 of our family and friends!  It's hard to believe that SIX years has already passed!  It's also hard to believe how many people we had to cut from our wedding list yet still had that many people how things would be different now, ha! 

These two crazy 20-something year old kids are now living very different lives than six years ago!   

Our anniversary weekend started off with us going separate ways actually.  Our neighbors/friends are moving to Denver next week so Friday night the boys went out for a last night out while the girls and the kids had a night in.  Sounds unfair but trust me, we had the better night.  We actually were still having fun when the boys made it back to the house.  So, basically, we won the night.  You know, if it were a competition....  ;) 

I brought some cupcakes over to start the night off right!  Somewhere in the 11 o'clock hour these cupcakes were devoured.  And worth every single calorie.

Before that we watched the kids play.  These phone pics are pretty bad because these kids are FAST!  Hannah had SO much fun with her little BFFs.  Mallory is her all time favorite and I'm still dreading the final goodbye this week with these two.  Ava (or "EVA!" as Hannah calls her) is the leader and her little brother Jacob is still just trying to keep up with all these girls!   

So much fun in the now empty dining room! 

After a fun night with our friends Hannah and I ran some errands on Saturday morning while Daddy did yard work.   I got at least 10 comments on how cute she is in the hour we were out.  I have to agree.  Love her!

Reading a toddlers Bible during a Sam's trip.  You know, the norm.  ;) 

Usually for our anniversary we go out somewhere nice for dinner but this year when Austin asked me where I wanted to go I said "is it weird that I want to go eat crawfish on a patio somewhere?"  Of course he was up for that instead of a fancy, expensive dinner.  We invited Katie and Lunchbox along with us and had a fun night! 

On Sunday I knew I wanted to spend our actual anniversary with my two loves and not have real plans.  We woke up and headed to the park and quickly realized that a cold wind had arrived so we only stayed for about 30 minutes. 

Happy girl running to play

So much to do! 

Her face is funny here but I promise, she had a blast going down the many slides! 

I see you Daddy! 


Swing time 

Her face here cracks me up.  I'm not sure what she's doing but she was loving picking up lots of sticks. 

Later in the afternoon after naptime we went outside to blow bubbles and draw on the patio. 

That picture is pretty much when the fun ended.  Ha!  About an hour later Hannah suddenly threw up all over the place so she got a bath and seemed fine.  A little while later Austin and I made a nice dinner of steak, sauteed mushrooms, potatoes, etc and about two minutes after sitting down to eat little one got sick again.  So, our nice anniversary dinner got put on hold for a while so we could do bath time again and clean all that up.  She of course seems fine now!  Poor baby.  And poor Mommy and Daddy...  We just kept laughing about how different anniversaries are now.  Even with the yucky ending I wouldn't have it any other way.  :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Llama Llama!

All last week Austin and I planned on taking Hannah for a special surprise to the livestock show.  I was SO excited to see her reaction to REAL LIVE animals!  The girl loves her some farm animals, she knows all the names of each animal, their sounds, etc.  She's never seen any animal in person other than a house pet or deer behind our house.  So, after waking up bright and early on Sunday morning and hearing the pouring down rain we decided to go ahead and suffer through it and go and hope for the best.  The entire event is indoors but the 10 minute walk from the parking lot is another story....  Luckily it was barely raining by the time we arrived. 

Have you ever wondered what a $220,000 grand champion lamb looks like??  Because this is it....  No idea why this sold for 220K but it did!   

We walked straight over to the kid area and the first thing we saw was the petting zoo!  And once we got in there with our cone full of food we were greated with Hannah's favorite animal, a llama!  Hannah is borderline obsessed with this line of books about Llama Llama.  She repeats "Llama llama ed pigama (red pajama)" over and over.  So we were so excited to see a real llama!

Llama, you're TOO CLOSE!!!  That thing kind of freaked me out.  We were eye to eye with each other and it was really aggressive about eating.

Hannah loved petting all the animals she saw.  She would see something, point at it and say whatever it was and then just stare in amazement.  It was so cute. 

Dirty stinky sheep.  Yuck. 

Hannah and Mommy with an interesting fella.....

Brushing the sheeps hair

Brush brush brush.  She had so much fun walking around brushing animals.

She really liked watching the animals behind the cage.  There were wallabies (small kangeroos), some ducks and a rooster.  She was so cute, she kept making an arm flapping motion like a bird and "cockadoodledoo" back to the rooster. 

Some of the animals were straight up beggers!  This guy really wanted Austin's food.  Notice his right pant leg....

Hey buddy, not exactly what you were hoping for, is it??

Daddy and Hannah hanging out with the donkey.  I think he may have been sleeping standing up.

Hannah loved the cow.  She just kept staring.

We walked over to the birthing center where a pig and a cow were due to give birth that day.  The cow was just laying there but the pig was straight up losing it in it's little area.  She was tearing stuff up so I'm pretty sure she was in labor right then.  I didn't feel the need to traumatize Hannah so young so we checked out all the little piggies who were born in the past few days instead.  They were so cute!

Hannah was really excited to touch a bunny rabbit.

Rabbit!  Rabbit!

Being so sweet and gentle with a baby chick

These chicks were just 10 minutes old!  I wish we had seen them hatching but we just missed it.  They kept trying to walk but couldn't figure it out just yet.

We walked around for a little while longer and after all that excitement we decided to head back home for lunch and nap time.  It had gotten pretty cold while we were inside so Mommy made Hannah a little jacket out of my hoodie.  Nice.  She looked like a little Jedi.

First shuttle ride!

After lunch we put Hannah down for her nap.  Because of the time change we were a little late and it was 1pm.  I have some hilarious video of what my child was doing when she was supposed to be napping.  She spent THREE hours in her crib just playing.  She threw everything out at one point and just entertained herself by dancing, singing, doing whatever she felt like instead of sleeping.  She took her pants and socks off for some reason.  After the three hours, at 4pm she FINALLY passed out.  I knew she wasn't going to be very happy with me when I woke her up an hour later since it was 5pm. 

This is the view I walked into.  Sweet baby girl was not ready to get out of bed!

Relaxing with Daddy after nap time was over!  As you can see, she was super happy about being awake... 

We had a great day and I know Hannah had a blast getting to see all her favorite animals! 

Oh Toodles!

This past weekend we had so much fun.  Friday night I was busy working on a few cookie orders so Hannah got to spend some extra time watching Mickah Mowse.  She was a happy girl. 

She didn't even look my way when I was standing there taking her picture.

Once she heard me running the mixer she ran over so she could watch.  She loves watching the mixer work it's magic. 

Saturday morning everyone was busy.  Austin spent the majority of the day doing yard work, mulching everything in sight, etc while I decorated cookies.  After nap time we took Hannah to a different park in the neighborhood near ours for a change of scenery.

There were two older boys there when we arrived and she was mesmerized by them.  She wouldn't take her eyes off of them and wanted to do whatever they were doing. 

Sliding down the big slide! 

Working on her upper body strength for Papa C 


So strong 

We just watched her run around for a while, she was having so much fun!  She kept yelling in her sweet little voice "Oh Toodles!".  I have no idea why she kept thinking of Toodles but it was super cute.

She found this stick and was entertained for a while.  Everyone needs a good walking stick! 

The next day we got up early and took Hannah for a fun surprise!  Next involves lots of stinky animals and one very excited toddler.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cookoff Time!

A few weeks ago was Austin's big event of the year, the rodeo cookoff!  I've blogged about this every year since I started the blog and it's always a good time.  It's a little different these days for me now that Hannah comes with me but it's still a lot of fun! 

I headed up to cookoff Friday for lunch and got to hang out with everyone before the CRAZY crowd came that evening!  It is PACKED at night time out there!  One in the tent/one out kind of thing.  One of the local news stations came by both Friday and Saturday and featured a story on the team!  They were on the news 3-4 times over the weekend.  Austin made it on the small screen!

Spam and Cliff being "reporters" 

Saturday morning CiCi, Papa C, Hannah and I headed to the rodeo cookoff!  Hannah was super excited about going as you can see here.

One of the first things Cindy saw when we walked into cookoff was THIS guy!  Phillip!!  You may remember seeing his picture from last years cookoff.  Phillip was wearing the EXACT same outfit this year.  No shirt and all.  We have no idea who this guy knows to get into our tent but he's a trip.  It was icing on the cake that he was pushing around a stroller with his grandson in it all day.  Of course I had to walk straight over to the guy and ask for a picture with him.  He's hilarious.  It would probably seem strange to do that with a normal person but Phillip is anything but normal and I know he was happy for the attention.  ;)

After all the Phillip excitement we were at the tent.  Each year the tent is getting bigger!

Me with my baby in 2012

Her outfit was so cute last year that I bought the same fabric and had my mom make her one for this year too.  :)  I "helped" a little...  Ha.  Look at how much bigger she is now!!

The best family pic I could get

Some of the guys hard at work.  Trust me, when it gets later in the day there is none of this going on!

This little guy is everywhere.

The beer supply for the day arrived while we were there.  This is just for ONE day!  There actually might be more....  They serve thousands of people in the three days of cookoff!

They have a serious smoker set up

Lunchbox with his oh-so-classy shirt on.  Ha!

Little munchkin trying to find all the trouble

She found it, stairs!

Wearing Pops' hat looking cute!

Lainey and Hannah

The guys won 3rd place for their dessert entry!!  That is HUGE because there are over 100 entries!  Their cast iron skillet sopapilla cheesecake is YUUUUMMY!

Hannah exploring the place with Papa C

Cindy and Austin

Me and Austin

Getting sleepy on Papa


The best pic I could get of Katie and me with our girls

Aunt Rach and soon-to-be Uncle Dean came to play!

Aunt Rachel is so funny

This girl LOVES her some Dean!  He makes her laugh and laugh.

Smiling for Dean

Too cool for school

My girl Liz and me

After about four hours we had to head out so someone could get a nap.  She was starting to get a little tired from her busy day.  She loves wearing her sunglasses and wore them the whole way back to the car.

On the ride home...  Poor baby.

Another successful cookoff!  It is such a fun time and when it's over it takes about a year to be ready for the next one!  Great job Smokin' Amigos!!