Tuesday, March 12, 2013

19 Months Old!

My sweet Hannah Lee, you are 19 months old!  Only five months from turning TWO!!!  How is that possible?!  You are just the cutest and sweetest little thing I have ever laid my eyes on.  You make us laugh SO much!  You've become quite the character lately. 

Here's what you've been up to this past month.

You LOVE to put your babies to bed.  You put them face down, cover them up and pat them on their backs.  You are such a sweet mommy to all your babies.  You also love to put Mommy and Daddy to bed.  You point to the ground and say "Daddy nigh nigh" and of course he gets right on the ground and goes night night for his baby girl.

You are becoming so loving!  You give hugs to anyone who asks and give kisses too.  Sometimes when I least expect it you will come up to me with your arms out saying "ugh ugh" and want to give me a big hug.  It melts my heart.  You give good squeeze hugs now. 

You have been a very good girl this month and I don't think you've gone into timeout even once!  Your hitting phase appears to be short lived because you don't do that anymore, you just stomp your feet and start crying when you don't get your way.  We usually just distract you with something else and you're over it pretty quickly. 

We've been having a tough time with your eczema the last few months.  I think it's just because it's been cold and then warm and then cold again this winter and your skin is just really confused.  You sometimes get such bad spots on your body and we have to make sure you're really moisturized a lot.  Your face gets really dry too.  You are unphased by it of course but we are all over it.

Your vocabulary is just off the charts!  You are quite the talker!  A few weeks ago we were reading a book and you pointed and said "bicycle" clear as day.  Your Daddy and I looked at each other and said "did she just say bicycle??".  You are so smart!  You repeat so many things that we say so I can't even think of your normal words right now but we have to be very careful around you because you're a little parrot.  ;)  You are very good at knowing who things belong to.  You will point at my cup and say "mama's wa wa" and then point at your cup and say "Hannah's wa wa".  You brought me Daddy's Kindle (that I didn't even know you could reach at the time) and said "Daddys!".  I was glad you brought it to me and didn't hide it with your toys or drop it on the tile. 

You are so cute when we sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  We will sing the first verse and you will sing the second and so on.   You have it memorized!  Your words are a little unclear at times but you have the tone just right!  You are so smart.  :)

You are very polite which is so sweet.  I sneezed yesterday and you said "bless you mama".  I looked at you surprised and said "thank you Hannah!" and you said "welcome".  I don't know if they taught you to say bless you at school or if you just picked it up from hearing us say it but I was really impressed!  You will say "thank you" without being told a lot of the time now and sometimes you say "thank you welcome" all together which is super cute.  We've also started introducing you to praying at meal times and you are really interested and stare at us and love to say "Amen!" repeatedly after we're done.  You get pretty excited about it.

You've given your teachers a bit of a challenge a handful of times this month with your napping.  You are officially the "problem child" who is separated from the group for naps.  Nice.  They have to put you on the other side of the room because your friends will go to sleep right away and sometimes you don't fall asleep for an hour or more and they can't let you wake everyone up.  Sometimes you don't take a nap at all and are VERY tired on the ride home and usually fall asleep.  Mommy isn't a big fan of those days...  I don't know why you've started this but at home you still take great naps!  Usually between 1.5-3 hours each day.  I think you are just too distracted there and at home you are in your crib alone with your babies so you will quietly play with them until you fall asleep and at school on your cot there is just too much to do around you. 

I have no idea what you weigh right now but I do know you're tall and heavy.  :)  You're still a great eater and seem to like everything but cucumbers and apparently green grapes.  Just green ones.  You don't love chicken as much as you used to but you still eat it often without any problems. 

A few weeks ago you made the big transition to riding front facing in the car seat!  You were very excited about it.  You outgrew sitting rear facing with your long legs so it was time to have you see what's out there on the roads.  You point and says "cars!" a lot. 

You really love "Mickah Mowse" now.  You were SO cute this past weekend at the park, you were walking around just playing and kept yelling "Oh Toodles!" from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  It was so funny.

Hannah Lee, your Daddy and I love you SOOOOO much!  You are just the sweetest little thing and entertain us everyday.  You are so loving and are FULL of personality! 

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