Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Pajama Party

Today is a fun blog party at The Good Life Blog (my blogger is messed up and won't let me link to it for some reason)!

Now, for those of you who have a two year old or have had a two year old, you'll understand my pictures.  Not the fact they they are horrible phone quality but the fact that my child would not. stand. still.  She was too hyped up about playing hide and seek or excited to head to school so getting her picture taken wasn't high on her priority list.  ;)

Attempt number one.  I got a kind of smile!  She LOVES this shirt!  After I took it off her she was talking to each of the pumpkins and telling me all about them.  Then she kept pointing to each one and saying "HUG!" and hugging the shirt.  Adorable. 

Here are her Minnie Mouse pumpkin jammies.  A big hit in our house!  So much so that she stretched the neck out to get a better look at Minnie.  :) 

Cutie pumpkin

And then a little sleepy pumpkin that I couldn't resist.  Love her!

I can't wait to see everyone else's little pumpkins!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Five On Friday

I'm linking up again for Five On Friday.  It's been a crazy week around here!  Here's what's been going on.


Hannah vs. the entire Houston area mosquito population.  Friday morning she got A BITE.  That's it, just ONE bite above her eyebrow.  Saturday morning it looked like this.

By Saturday afternoon it was like this. 

Broke. My. Heart.


Friday nights out with friends!  We went to an outdoor concert and Hocus Pocus kids festival all for FREE!  :)


Being this girl's Mommy.  Best job in the world.  She is looking more and more like her Daddy every single day.

I mean really.  Check out how cute she is!  Swollen eye and all.  LOVE!


Austin's bday!  We got to celebrate twice this week!

Once before watching the Aggies play Saturday night with CiCi

and then again on his actual bday with Lainey and Pops


Hannah vs. the entire Houston area mosquito population part 2. This kid can't catch a break.  Happened again 3 days after the first bite. Yes, we use bug spray.

Teacher called to tell me she got two more bites on her head. Here they are a few hours after it happened.

That evening. Insert Mommy freak out HERE! Check out the swelling!!

The next morning. We were at the dr a few hours later.

We've decided the mosquitos love her so much because she's just so sweet.  It was an eventful week for sure but still lots of fun! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy Birthday!

This year Tracy, Ryan, Austin and I decided to do something fun for all our birthdays.  Tracy's bday is in August, Ryan and my bdays are in September and Austin's was yesterday so about a month ago we went out to dinner for one big bday celebration.  Austin and I had been to Uchi about six months ago and it was AH-MAZE-ING and we raved so much about it that we all decided to go there for our birthdays.  Seriously, if you live in H-town you have to go.  It does NOT disappoint.  It's the most expensive suchi I've ever eaten but it's worth every single penny.  There is a reason that it costs so much.  It's one of the highest rated restaurants in the country!  So, anyways, enough about that. 

Tracy & Ryan

Austin & me

Meanwhile, Hannah was having a great time with her Lainey and Pops.  Looks at this sweet girl praying before dinner with Pops.  She had a fun night!

But so did we.  :)

This was one of our dishes.  It's like art.  I normally do NOT eat raw fish.  When we go to a sushi restaurant I'm a roll kind of gal.  I ate straight up raw fish here.  It was tasty.

The presentation is so nice.

We even cooked some beef on a hot stone.  The waitress told us how hot it was yet Ryan still wanted to touch it.  That's smart. 

This picture does not do justice to this dessert.  It's a cookies and milk something and I'm pretty much in love with it.  Unfortunately I couldn't eat the cookie part since I'm gluten free now but the rest was still delish. 

Tracy and me after our fun night!

The next afternoon we headed over to Tracy and Ryan's house to get together with the fam.  Sweet girl was excited to see her cousins! 

Melt my heart.  Love these girls!

Cuteness level - 100%

She's getting SO big!

I didn't take any pictures there because we were busy hanging out but when we got home Hannah wanted to kick back and let her hair down.  In the laundry basket.  That she pushed all the way from the laundry room (that is nowhere near the living room).  Doesn't it look like the perfect spot to read a book??  Notice the blocks behind her back and her hair stuck in the raised position from her bow earlier.  She's so silly. 

It was a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day At The Museum

One Sunday last month we didn't have anything planned so we took Hannah to the children's museum near our house.  We've been to the big one downtown and it's awesome but this one is super close and perfect for her age.  Before we left Hannah wanted to try on Rapunzel's (the Build-A-Bear from her bday) shoes.  I don't think they're the right size sweet girl!

As soon as we got to the museum she ran straight to the rice tables.  All of these pics are from my phone so they aren't that great.

Pouring rice is serious business.

Showing Daddy all the fish

Then she wanted to get her grocery shopping done for the week just like Mommy does.

She had to pay for it somehow so she stopped by the ATM.

Then she headed to the kitchen to cook all her food!

After all that domestic stuff she changed gears.  She now wanted to dig for dinosaur fossils. 

This stuff was bazillions of pieces of shredded up tires.  So weird but awesome for little kids to dig in.

I see Hannah!  Crawling for some reason.  I guess she thought she was too tall since the ceiling was short.  She wasn't.  ;)

After that it was time to build stuff.

She had lots of fun doing this.  She was running all over the place just putting things together.

Fishing time!  All her pictures crack me up, she's not smiling in any of them, she's too busy concentrating on what she's doing.  I promise she smiled.  A lot. 

Going fishing just like she did at Aunt Rachel's house!

Catching fish

She had so much fun!  She did some crafts, played with trains and a lot more.  It's the perfect place for her age and even more perfect with how close it is to the house.  I even feel comfortable taking her on my own during the weekend which I would never do at the big museum.  We'll be back!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Away

Labor Day weekend we headed up to visit Papa, CiCi, Aunt Rachel, Dean and the kids at Rachel and Dean's place.  It was also the same day as the Aggies first game of the season so we were all decked out in our Aggie gear for the drive!  The game was at noon so we left early Saturday morning and made it just in time to watch kickoff.

Gig em!

Saturday afternoon after lots of river fun we went on a boat ride.  It was Hannah's first time on a boat and she loved it!

Ready to go!  She didn't even care about the life jacket.

She reminded me of a dog with their head out the window.  She loved the air on her face. :)

Just enjoying the breeze

Smiling at herself.  :)

Sunday morning we headed out on the dock to do some fishing.  CiCi was teaching Hannah how to reel the fishing pole....

and seriously maybe 30 seconds later she caught her first fish!

She was so excited!

She couldn't believe it!  So she touched it.

You can see her reaction to that.  Ha!

That hurt Mommy...

So she decided to touch it again.

It was a lot smoother on the tail.

I love her face here.  Hannah with her first fish!

So, while we were at the river for the weekend, Pops was on the coast enjoying a different kind of fishing.  Here he is on the left with his big catch and on the right is Austin with his big catch of the day.  Haha!  I'm sure the excitement levels were exactly the same.  ;) 

After Hannah was done fishing, Brody found a baby lizard.

She was pretty excited about it.

I touch it!

Fearless.  She loves creepy crawly things.

I love this picture of Brody and Hannah.  So sweet.

We pretty much spent the rest of Sunday in the river.  Hannah had a BLAST!

Jumping in to see Papa!

Our little water baby

Climbing out like a big girl!

Taking a little rest on the float 

Then she decided that swimming wasn't enough, she wanted to go on the swing like the big kids!

She hung there for a while!


Then this started....this poor kid and her sensitive skin.  She started getting a rash all over!  We thought it was a heat rash at first.

She didn't let it slow her down!  Reading The Tickle Monster book with CiCi.

Having SO much fun!

By Monday morning her rash looked much worse.

By the time we left she had it all over, had a fever and her eye was randomly swollen so we made a detour to get some Benadryl just in case and Daddy drove quickly home.

Poor baby didn't feel good at all when we got home.  She NEVER falls asleep outside of her room or the car.

We had a fun weekend!  Later in the week we visited with the allergist and found out Hannah has chronic hives.  Not much we can do about it other than treat the hives when they appear.  Good news is that she doesn't appear to be bothered too much by them!