Friday, October 18, 2013

Five On Friday

I'm linking up again for Five On Friday.  It's been a crazy week around here!  Here's what's been going on.


Hannah vs. the entire Houston area mosquito population.  Friday morning she got A BITE.  That's it, just ONE bite above her eyebrow.  Saturday morning it looked like this.

By Saturday afternoon it was like this. 

Broke. My. Heart.


Friday nights out with friends!  We went to an outdoor concert and Hocus Pocus kids festival all for FREE!  :)


Being this girl's Mommy.  Best job in the world.  She is looking more and more like her Daddy every single day.

I mean really.  Check out how cute she is!  Swollen eye and all.  LOVE!


Austin's bday!  We got to celebrate twice this week!

Once before watching the Aggies play Saturday night with CiCi

and then again on his actual bday with Lainey and Pops


Hannah vs. the entire Houston area mosquito population part 2. This kid can't catch a break.  Happened again 3 days after the first bite. Yes, we use bug spray.

Teacher called to tell me she got two more bites on her head. Here they are a few hours after it happened.

That evening. Insert Mommy freak out HERE! Check out the swelling!!

The next morning. We were at the dr a few hours later.

We've decided the mosquitos love her so much because she's just so sweet.  It was an eventful week for sure but still lots of fun! I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Stephanie said...

Dang that girl has some serious reactions to bug bites!! Poor thing! Glad you were able to get her into the doctor and hopefully get something to help in case of future bites.

Sarah said...

I get HORRIBLE mosquito bites like that too and always have. People don't believe me when I say I do then I show it to them and they are shocked. It sucks :( Sweet thing hopefully will feel better soon!

etphonehome21 said...

I hate mosquitoes even more now! Poor baby.

Chani said...

Can I just say she is both the cutest snd strongest little girl ever! What a little trooper with those bites! I can totally understand a mommy freak out moment with that. Sweet little girl... You're a good mommy, Kelly!