Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hannah Has The Hiccups

Throughout my pregnancy I haven't noticed Hannah having the hiccups too much until recently.  She gets them a lot now!  The other night I recorded it on my phone, it was funny.  At the end of the video you hear me say "stop" because Austin was standing behind me giggling like a little girl watching my belly.  

Friday, July 29, 2011

Introducing Haley Rae Josefovsky!

Yesterday Haley made her entrance into the world!  After the quickest labor and delivery EVER she was here!  Tracy was a champ and was only in labor about 4 1/2  hours and pushed maybe 10 minutes and out came Haley Rae!  She is absolutely precious and looks just like her big sister Leah did when she was born.

Waiting around for baby girl #2 to arrive!  And it's our last pregnant picture taken together!

Tracy and her nurse Annie, who also just happens to be one of her friends!  They got to know each other really well by the end of the day!  Ha!  It was neat to have someone you know in there the entire time helping you along.

Tracy and Ryan waiting on their 2nd daughter to arrive

She's here!

Haley and her Aunt Kelly (who cried like a baby when I held Haley, I guess those pregnancy hormones kicked in!  Or maybe it's because it's so crazy that I'm going to have a little one myself in just a matter of days!)

Lainey and Haley (she wasn't too happy the first few hours of her new life, ha!)  Either that or she was just really into the sound of her own voice.  

Big girl getting all checked out!  I went down to the nursery with her to take some pictures and the only thing that soothed her was sucking on her own fingers. 

Look at that little tooshie getting all cleaned up!  Too cute.  She wasn't a big fan of her 1st bath.

Uncle Austin was really interested in everything they were doing to Haley in the nursery.  He was amazed that there was a baby that size (and probably bigger actually) in my belly right now.  I've been aware of this fact for a while but I guess it just dawned on him when he saw a newborn. Ha!

Tracy and I hanging out waiting on Haley to come back from the nursery.  I told my mom when we got there that people were going to think I was there to be admitted for delivery.  I was right too!  I was walking down the hall after seeing Haley in the nursery and one lady asked me if the nurse had me "walking the halls" to speed up labor.  Ha!  I said "nope, I have a few more days!"

 All cleaned up and back with her Mommy!

Mini Leah!  Her tiny nose is squished a little bit from delivery but it already starting straightening out by the time Austin and I left.   

Uncle Austin getting some newborn practice in! 

Love those cheeks!

Haley and Aunt Kelly again

Proud Aunt & Uncle

I took her cap off and boy were we surprised when we saw all that hair!!  She's got a head full of it!  THAT is NOT like her big sister!  

I swear, it's the softest hair I've ever felt in my life!

Today Haley gets to meet her Pops (he was babysitting Leah) and her big sister!  

Haley Rae Josefovsky
Born July 28, 2011 at 4:58pm
7lbs 14oz (same as big sister)
19 3/4 inches long

Welcome to the world Haley Rae!  We all love you and are so happy you're here!  Now, if only your cousin Hannah would take a hint....

39 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 39 Weeks
Size of baby: Hannah is about the size of a watermelon, BIG!  The Dr thinks she's about 8 lbs right now!  YIKES!!  
Total Weight Gain: 22 lbs 
Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes
GenderGIRL!!! Hannah Lee Townsend
Movement: Hannah loves moving around but she's out of room in there!  Her movements are big and they hurt a lot of the time now.  I think she's trying to get out of there half the time.  
Sleep: What's sleep??  I'm so exhausted from lack of sleep and I know it hasn't even begun yet!  I wake up several times throughout the night and if I'm lucky I go back to sleep within a few minutes.  Usually I'm not lucky though. :(  I've been having more labor symptoms that are keeping me up at night.  
Cravings: Sweets, ice cream
What I Miss: Moving around like a normal person and sleeping through the night
Symptoms: Heartburn ALL THE TIME, absent mindedness, swelling, shortness of breath, LOTS of BH contractions.  Since I've gone on rest the swelling is SO much better!  We had our weekly appt Tuesday and my Dr said I was 70% effaced!  Woo hoo, progress!  0 cm dilated though.  Sadness.  She has started dropping too and believe me, I can tell!  
Best moment this week: Hearing that Hannah could be coming any moment/day now from the Dr!  I was SOOO glad baby girl held off in there until my Dr got back from out of town on Monday!  Austin and I really like her and just felt so much more comfortable knowing she most likely will be the one delivering Hannah and helping me through the process.  We talked to her about what the plan was on monitoring my heart throughout labor and how the situation would be handled if my heart rate gets too high so we feel better about that now.  It's a good thing I already knew I wanted an epidural because I don't think I'd have much of a choice with the heart condition.  My Dr said I will need to get it early on to help control my heart rate and I surely wasn't going to fight her on that decision!  The less pain I'm in the better!  She also said that Hannah needs to come OUT!  Austin told me that night he wasn't sure who wants the baby out more, me or Dr J.  She said she's plenty big enough and she is hoping I'll go into labor on my own before my next appt on Tuesday.  

I never thought I'd be ready before my due date but I am now!  We literally have done everything we can do to get ready for her arrival.  We even went around the house last weekend touching up paint just for something to do.  I'm weird like that though, every few months I walk around the house for several hours inspecting every door, wall, trim, etc and clean the scuff marks or paint it to touch it up.  Austin is not a fan of this practice but he helped me this time.  :)  So, Hannah, come on baby girl!!  

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Little Fishy

Sunday we all headed to my parents house to hang out and swim with Leah, the last time when all the attention is on her before the baby girls arrive!  

Leah LOVES to swim and is getting more independent and was kicking around on this float thing all by herself

I still can't believe she's about to be TWO in a few weeks!

Hanging out on her Daddy's shoulders, getting dunked.  She held onto his ears for protection.

She thought this was SO funny!

After swimming, just hanging out on the couch watching Mickey.  She looks like such a big girl just lounging like this!

Apparently Mickey isn't quite as entertaining to Austin as he is to Leah.

I didn't realize it until now that it was the last time we'd all be hanging out with just Leah as the only kid.  Tracy is due tomorrow with baby Haley and I'm due next Thursday with baby Hannah!  It's going to be a busy few weeks for our family!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

38 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 38 Weeks
Size of baby: Hannah is about the size of a watermelon, BIG!
Total Weight Gain: 22 lbs, I lost another pound this week.  
Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes
GenderGIRL!!! Hannah Lee Townsend
Movement: Hannah LOVES to move around!  She's been keeping me up at night having a party in there but now it's not so fun, it hurts.  Every time she moves now I can feel it ALL over and it's pretty uncomfortable but it's nice to know she's still doing ok in there and just wiggling around.  Last night I swear to you, she was trying to get out!  Austin was across the room and even he saw it!  She kicked or punched right at the center of my stomach and it was almost pointy because of how far she was stretching.
Sleep: What's sleep??  I'm now sleeping in a king sized bed all by myself and Austin and B are in one of the guest rooms.  It's just me and my pillows in there because I wake up SO much and move a LOT and it's really hard to just get comfortable and go back to sleep.  On average I wake up usually 3-5 times a night and am up for at least an hour during one of those times unable to go back to sleep.  That is NOT fun!!  I know once Hannah arrives it will be the same case because I'll be up feeding her but at least I'll have a reason for being awake, not just laying awake for no reason wishing I was asleep.    
Cravings: Sweets, ice cream
What I Miss: Moving around like a normal person and sleeping through the night
Symptoms: Heartburn ALL THE TIME, absent mindedness, swelling, shortness of breath, LOTS of BH contractions.  Since I've gone on rest the swelling is SO much better!  I also am happy to report that I have zero stretch marks which makes me super excited.  Thank you genetics for that!  I do have lots of veins in my stomach that I've never noticed before.  Austin said it's because my stomach is so stretched out now.  He's right, it is STRETCHED!!  And pale.  And HUGE.  Oh, and my belly button is just starting to pop out a little.  The tops of my thighs are starting to ache too and the nurse said it was because Hannah is pushing my pelvic bones open to get ready for birth.  I'm glad to hear there is some progression but it's not the most comfortable feeling...  It's weird to think that you can feel your bones moving apart though.
Best moment this week: We got to hear Hannah's heartbeat this morning at the doctors office and she's still going strong at 141bpm.  She's a strong little girl in there and we can't wait to meet her!  We also took a newborn care class at the hospital this week and learned a lot on what to expect the first days/weeks she's here.  It was really helpful, especially for Austin who said he hadn't changed a diaper in about 15 years.  He's quickly going to become an old pro!  Soon!!

I have loved loved loved being pregnant with little Miss Hannah but I have to say, I'm ready for her to arrive!  Or as ready as I can be.  Bags are packed, house is ready and now all we are doing is waiting!  We just can't wait to meet her and start this new part of our lives.  I go back to the doctor on Tuesday and I'm hoping sometime next week she'll decide she wants to come!  :)  

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Since I've been on rest the last few weeks I've pretty much spent 90% of my time either on the couch or in bed.  It's boring but necessary and I really can't imagine still working so I'm very grateful to my doc for putting a stop to that!  I'm uncomfortable daily now and Miss Hannah is just getting bigger and bigger everyday and letting me know it with her movements!  This girl can make me go from feeling normal to hurting in about two seconds depending on how she moves around.  It's crammed in there apparently!  
So, I don't have much to blog about since I don't really do anything but I do still take lots of pics with my phone so I'm going to share what's been going on with me through those pics.

This was taken the weekend before I went on rest.  Pretty Leah saw something she liked in the mirror!  Such a cutie!

This was later in the day when Tracy and I went to spend my exchange/gift card money on things I still needed to get for Hannah off our registry.  I love shopping with gift cards (thank you friends and family!), it's so much fun since you don't freak out when they give you your total!  Trust me, I WOULD have freaked at that total!!

This is what B looks like daily.  He's our little bum.  I'm not sure if he likes me being home everyday or not though because I disrupt his all day napping schedule.  Sometimes he goes into our closet to nap I think just to get peace and quiet.  Ha!

Me trying to get Hannah's diaper bag put together and sending pics to Tracy asking her for advice.

Tracy took this picture of Leah with her Dada's hat on but it was saved to my phone so I included it here.  How cute is she?!

Ouch, this hurts just looking at it!  This was my last week of work and what my feet looked like daily.  I think I took this pic in the morning too so they weren't even that bad yet!

This was right before bed and I just pushed my finger on my foot and that was the indention left.  They were SOOOO swollen!  Austin compares the swelling to a tsunami actually, he said he would just push and it was like all the water would just roll up my foot.  Nice.  

My feet now, a little tanner and back to the normal size!  It's crazy what just resting will do!  My feet feel good everyday now.  :)

I looked over at B the other day and saw this and just cracked up.  I guess he didn't like how his hair was laying so he styled it himself.  He had the 80s half-bangs in the eye look going on.

There is a car seat base installed in my car!  Almost time!

Austin went ahead and got Leah's birthday present since her bday is right around when her little sister and cousin are arriving and he put it together on Sunday.  We decided B needed to go for a test drive.  We're mean like that.  ;)  He's such a good dog though, he just sat there staring around!  We love our little guy :)

A friend of mine made this bow holder for Hannah's room and I LOVE it!  I can't believe it's already filled with bows!  I didn't realize she'd already gotten so many as gifts!  I'm still planning on showing pics of her room by the way, I'm just waiting on this one thing that is taking FOREVER to get in and then I'll show it off!  

Yesterday Katie and I went to see Harry Potter 3D, I thought going to the movies would be ok since it's just sitting around.  Ummm...yeah, not happening again before Hannah arrives.  I was SO uncomfortable but it was worth it to see the movie!  This is a horribly unflattering and dorky picture but I had to take it so we could send it to our husbands who were already making fun of us for going to see the movie.  Whatever, we were at the movies and they were working!

Last night was our final class we signed up for at the hospital, it was the Newborn Care class and was really good!  Austin wanted to take a picture with his baby.  It was a boy, Austin said he was practicing for the next baby, I'm glad he's so sure that our next baby will be a boy!  By the way, I think this baby looks like a little rapper with his little beanie pulled down and the expression he's making.  

So, that's just about it that's been going on!  Tomorrow we head back to the doctor for our weekly appt so I'll have an update after that.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

37 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 37 Weeks, Hannah is FULL TERM!!! 
Size of baby: Hannah is about the size of a watermelon!  I believe it too, I can tell she's a lot bigger in there.  The nurse said today that based on the 36 week ultrasound report she's in the 84 percentile and is measuring five days early!  No wonder she was trying to get out the other day....
Total Weight Gain: 23 lbs, I somehow lost a pound this week
Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes
GenderGIRL!!! Hannah Lee Townsend
Movement: Hannah LOVES to move around!  She's been keeping me up at night having a party in there but now it's not so fun, it hurts
Sleep: Oh sleep, I should have appreciated you more before I became pregnant.  I haven't been sleeping too well this week, I'm waking up a lot during the night and having trouble falling back asleep, mostly because our wiggle worm is too busy in there and is keeping me up.
Cravings: Sweets
What I Miss: Moving around like a normal person.  I am SLOW!!  I also feel HUGE!!  Oh, and sleeping through the night, I miss it.
Symptoms: Heartburn daily, absent mindedness, swelling, shortness of breath, lots of BH contractions.  Since I've gone on rest the swelling is SO much better!
Best moment this week: That's a hard one.  I was so excited at the idea of meeting her earlier this week but was also happy to go home at the same time because it just seemed too soon.  I can't wait to meet her but I don't want her coming before she's ready so I'm being patient and hoping she makes it just long enough for my Dr to get back into town.  This morning at our Dr appt I had to be monitored again just to make sure everything was ok from Tuesday.  I had a few contractions but nothing consistent and Hannah was sleeping (probably because she was so exhausted from the party she had the night before that kept me up for two hours!) so the nurse gave me some sugary food and drink to wake her up.  It worked!  She was on the move after that and it was even hard to check her heart rate because she was so wiggly.

Breakfast of champions, Hannah loved it!

Hopefully I'll get at least once more weekly update next week before our baby girl arrives!  Our bags are packed and we're ready to go whenever she does arrive!

Practice Run

We like to keep things interesting around here.  Monday night I started having some uncomfortable contractions so I timed them and they weren't completely consistent so I went to sleep.  I woke up several times hurting but would eventually fall back asleep.  All day Tuesday I just didn't feel right, I was hurting and just basically didn't feel good.  Tuesday afternoon around 4:45 I started really hurting and tried calling Austin but he didn't answer.  I called my doctors answering service (they close at 4:30 and my dr is out of the country right now) and waited for them to call me back and I kept trying to get a hold of Austin.  By this time I was really hurting and crying because I was nervous and scared and at home alone and couldn't get in touch with anyone.  I spoke with the on-call doc and she said to go ahead to Labor & Delivery to get checked out but hopefully I wasn't in labor.  My parents came and got me and off to the hospital we went!  
The nurse got me all set up in a triage room to monitor Hannah's heart rate and my contractions and check me for dilation, etc.  I wasn't dilated at all but I was having consistent contractions every two minutes.  I didn't realize it until then but I had been feeling them all day, I just didn't know that's what contractions felt like.  

This is a picture of the monitor, the top part is Hannah's heart beat, it was going FAST when I'd have contractions, it was in this picture about 180 bpm so they had me move around shortly after this picture was taken to lower it a little, the blue area is where they like the heart beat to be at.  The bottom area is monitoring me and the peaks are when I'd have a contraction.  I have no idea what the scale is for contractions but the monitor showed 1-12 and mine were usually between 6-8.  They didn't hurt too much, they were just pretty uncomfortable.  

By this point Austin FINALLY called my Dad back and was on his way to the hospital.  He had been at work and was just working away and got in the car to come home and grabbed his phone to call me and noticed it wasn't on anymore so he restarted it and saw a TON of missed calls and text messages from me and every member of my family!  I'm sure he freaked out for a minute.  
Anyways, we spent about two hours being monitored and then they checked my dilation again and it was still at a zero so they said I was going home since I was just shy of being full term, my water hadn't broken and we want Hannah to stay in there a little while longer.  Fine with me!  I don't want her coming any earlier than she should so I guess my body was having it's first disagreement with little Miss Hannah because she wanted out and I wasn't having it, ha!  I won.  ;)  This time at least...

Look who made it!

They gave me a sleeping pill to relax my uterus and help me sleep and sent me home!  I've only taken sleeping pills once and that was while I was in the hospital for kidney stones and I was already in bed and just passed out.  Tuesday night they wanted to monitor me for at least 15 mins to make sure I didn't have a reaction to it since they were sending me home and let me tell you, you get a little crazy on those things when you don't go straight to sleep!  Austin said I was like a high school girl who drank wine coolers because I was just yapping away on the way home and not making a whole lot of sense.  I remember being really out of it but don't remember much after leaving the hospital but apparently, I was pretty entertaining.  I try my best.  ;)  

So, now I'm home resting even more than I was before and drinking TONS of water and just trying to make sure Hannah likes it in there for a few more weeks!  I'm still having contractions but not as often and they aren't increasing in intensity so I'm still good.  The nurse said my body is practicing a lot, hopefully practice makes perfect works out in this case!  Oh, and I now have just about all of Austin's coworkers cell phone numbers too.  We will NOT be having a repeat of Tuesday when the real thing happens!

All in all, it was a successful practice run at least.  I don't want to repeat it until it's the real thing but at least I know more of what to expect when it's time!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Showering Baby Haley

Saturday my mom and I hosted a baby shower brunch at a restaurant for Tracy and baby Haley.  We figured Haley needed a little showering and some new stuff of her own even though she's the 2nd baby girl in her family!

Desserts!  I made some cupcakes and my mom made the little cupcake toppers for Miss Haley

The hostesses

We had flowers set out on the tables

We had some cookie favors made for the shower, they were yummy and turned out SO cute!

Jolene, Jan, my mom and Janet


Tracy checking out her nursing cover-up that her friend, Pig made for her.  She made one for me too for my shower, she's so talented!  Talk about a handy thing to have with your baby!

Tracy with one of the many cute outfits Haley got!

I made Haley some burp cloths, you can never have enough of those!

The "New Kid In The House" onesie I got Haley

and the "Big Sister In Charge" shirt for Leah.  Leah will for sure let everyone know she's in charge of her little sister!

Liz, me and Amber

Our mom, me, Tracy and Jan.  My mom and Jan have been friends since middle school so Jan has known us since we were born!

Mommies-to-be with Aunt Janet

BIG baby bellies!

Autrey girls

Tracy and her former coworker Rena 

I missed a few people with the pictures but Tracy had a great time seeing her friends and spoiling Haley a little!  We can't wait to meet her in the next few weeks!!