Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2nd Annual Southern Ladies Weekend

For 13 years the boys have had SDOF (Summer Day of Fun) so after years of us girls talking about having our own weekend, we finally got it started last year!  We now have our own annual Southern Ladies Under The Sun weekend.  Last year was a blast but this year was even better!  We had a smaller crowd than last year since we were missing all 5 of the Ostermann girls (can't wait for y'all to be back next year) but we had so much fun!

Here are a few of my top moments:

Most surprising moment of the weekend:  Amanda announcing she's never heard of REO Speedwagon!!  What?!?!  Seriously, she's never heard of them and had no idea why we were all singing "keep on loving you" like it was the best song in the world (I personally think it is one of the best!).

Funniest moment of the weekend:  Only one word can be used and that's SHASTA!  Pretty much everything that came out of that girls mouth had me cracking up.  We all said we wish we could be in Shasta's head for just one day to see what's going on in there.  She's hilarious.

Scariest moment of the weekend: Lunchbox informing Katie that there is a ghost who is haunting the room we were staying in and he's wearing a blue leisure suit.  Apparently he murdered his wife, nice.  Between 3-4am on Saturday the 4 girls sleeping in our room were WIDE awake thinking this man had visited us and ended up talking about all the things that could have happened.  THANK YOU LUNCHBOX!!!  It ended up being pretty comical after a while but I assure you, Katie and I had a couple freak outs during the night!  My heart was beating SOOO fast!

2nd biggest heart racing moment of the weekend:  Me brushing my teeth each morning and each morning a grasshopper jumping out at me from the drain in the sink.  No one else had the pleaser of experiencing this, just me.  It's not easy to scream while you're brushing your teeth by the way...

Biggest freak out of the weekend:  Mallory finding a HUGE spider in her bed and Jodi killing it with a serrated knife.  Ha!  I asked why they didn't just use a shoe.  Apparently a huge knife is better when it comes to HUGE spiders.  Seriously, this thing was massive.  By now you're all probably realizing that this place we stayed at isn't the Ritz Carlton but it's free and awesome!  We are completely on our own with just all of us girls, a bunch of rooms and a pool.  :)   It actually is nice, they just have a slight bug problem during the summer.  

Best reenactment of the weekend:  Katie re-performing the infamous "Trash Bag Dance" from college.  Here's the back story on that.  Katie was a dance major in college so our girl friends would all go to her shows.  One of them involved her and the other dancers popping out of trash bags.  It was weird.  It was hilarious.  We talk about it often even all these years later.  None of the girls at our weekend knew Katie in college except me so I talked her into performing a piece of it so everyone could enjoy.  ;)

Best overall part of the weekend:  The WEATHER!!  Last year we weren't so lucky and came home just as pale as when we left but this year ALL we did was hang out in the pool.  It was perfect!

Here are some pictures from our awesome weekend  :)

Katie making the 1st float in the pool with Harold the hippo.  He's the only boy present at girls weekend.  It's his 2nd year at the weekend as well.

Katie & me floating around on Harold and Harriet

Some of us girls enjoying the weekend!

Working on the sunburns we all got

This was a funny picture.  Just a few of the iPhones that we had there.  And some other kind of phone got in the pic.

This was pretty entertaining to watch.  I don't know what the actual purpose of this was but the result was flipping Shasta face first into the water.  Ha!

Introducing Katie Ogorchock performing "The Trash Bag Dance"!

Katie, whatcha doin' in there?

Hey there!  Is it one of the strangest dances you've ever seen?  Yes.  But it's also one of the funniest dances you'll ever see!

Shasta attempting to "walk" over all the floats.  Didn't really work out for her.

Here she is walking on water.  I guess that's what she was trying to do.  It's a funny picture.  :)

You think we had enough floats??

Me and Julie

All the girls about to head home
Tiffani, Julie, Shasta, Natalie, Jodi, Dana, Kelly, 
Molly, Amanda, Chelsea, Mallory, Donna, Katie O. & Katie S.

Katie, me and Amanda

Julie & Tiff

I got this koozie on the way home because Katie and I spent a good amount of time at Buckee's both on the way there and on the way home.  It was kind of ridiculous.

The back of our shirts, so cute!

Thanks girls for such a great weekend!  We had so many laughs and sooo much fun!  I can't wait for the trip next summer!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Funny Girl

I stayed the night with Leah the other night to babysit.  Her Daddy didn't feel well so we ended up all staying home being entertained by Leah.  She is getting so big!!  She isn't a little baby anymore but she's so much fun!

Tracy took this picture and I just love it!  Pretty Leah

Drool much?!  She has 4 teeth now!

What's up Aunt Kelly??  I'm busy working over here!

Party time!

Leah was cracking me up!  We were on opposite sides of the Pack-n-Play making faces at each other and she had me laughing SO hard!

Hey there silly girl!

It turned into a little game of peek-a-boo

I see you!

She's all about her diaper genie now.  Nice.

Still holding onto the diaper genie while playing with Aunt Kelly!

Oh Leah, I don't think you're supposed to be doing that...but instead of stopping you I'm going to take a picture.

This is her new thing, throwing her head on the floor when she's mad.  Funny girl.

Leah LOVES to dance now, it's so funny!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wicked and Dancing Queen!

This week Tracy and I went to see the Broadway musical Wicked which I have been waiting years to see.  
It.  Was.  AWESOME!!  I loved it!  It's my favorite musical that I've seen so far.  Those of you who knew me when I was younger know that I love The Wizard of Oz so it was so cool to see the witches side of the story.

Hanging out during intermission

Before we headed to the show we spent some time with Miss Leah

Leah, I don't think you really want to play with that!

Leah loved dancing to some MJ, but what girl doesn't?!  I'm just wondering when she got SO big?!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Party & Pool Time

This weekend was a busy one!  We had a date night on Friday, a birthday party on Saturday for Audrey and her daddy and then pool time with Leah on Sunday.

Audrey's birthday spread

1st birthday cake!

Some of the boys

Miss Audrey wondering why everyone is singing to her

Audrey wasn't too interested in her cake but she did like the smaller cupcake

Little cutie

Me & the hubby

Laura Lou & me

Nice shades Big Dan!  They're very manly...

Oh Goertz, between the heart shades and the short shorts I don't even know what to say!  ;)

Me, Dede & Laura

The birthday boy & girl

I wish this picture came out more clear but it's still so cute.  Austin & Audrey holding hands walking to the house  :)

Sunday was pool time!  Leah & Lainey

Happy girl!  She looks so big here!!

For anyone who reads this that knew Tracy/saw pictures of her as a baby, how much does Leah look like her in this picture?!

It was a super busy but fun weekend.  Everyone have a great week!