Thursday, June 20, 2013

22 Months Old!

Hannah Lee you are 22 months old!  Mommy is in full party planning mode for your birthday party! You are going to be SO excited when you see everything, I can't wait!  I still can't believe we're about to have a two year old. 

If I had to use one word to describe you right now it would probably be SMART!  You are SO smart!  This picture is a great example.  I said to you in your playroom "Hannah, lets go in your room and take your picture!"  Then I walked in the other room to get the camera and didn't see you so I walked into your room.  You were sitting up in your chair where we take your monthly picture with your bow on!  It was on the chair so I could put it on your head before the pic.  You did such a good job putting it on too!  I was just amazed at how you knew what to do just by me saying lets go take your picture. 

Please make a note of all the hair!!! You're finally getting some hair! It is so shiny and pretty and curly. :)

Time to take the posed picture!  I get the "this is painful for me" look.  Nice.  You were saying "cheeeeese!" at least.

I feel like I say this every month but your vocabulary just shocks us.  You are SO vocal!  You say words so clearly and can repeat just about anything we say.  You were playing with a toy the other day and you kept saying it was "amazing"!  I have no idea where you learned that.  You got yet another ear infection this month (I think that's your 14th ear infection now but you are doing WAY better since having your tubes almost a year ago) and when you went to the Dr she was very impressed that you actually told Mommy your ear hurt.  You kept saying to me "Ear hurt Mommy.  Ear hurt." and sticking your finger in your ear.  Your Dr said most little ones don't start saying what hurts for another year.  I'm pretty proud.  :)  You also LOVE taking your medicine!  It's so strange to me that you ask for it.  Every morning and night we give you antibiotics and ear drops and when you get your syringe of medicine you open your mouth like a little birdy and say "num num!" after you get it.  It's so cute.  You also say "ear dop Mommy/Daddy" for when you're ready for your ear drops.  You get five drops in your ear and you love to count each drop out loud.

This month you decided I was "Mommy" instead of "Mama".  I'm not sure why you changed it but it's super cute regardless.  From day one we've always said Mommy & Daddy but when you started talking you said Mama & Dada and then quickly moved on to Daddy but Mama always stuck.  It took you a year but now I'm Mommy all of the sudden.  I'll take it.  :) 

You are sooooo sweet!  When you say something that you think hurt someones feelings, or don't give us a hug when we ask right away you will say "I'm sorry Mommy.  Hug!" and give hugs.  You crack us up, when you say "walk away Brody" you will even say sorry to him and try to hug him.  He's not having it though.  You love giving everyone hugs.  When I pick you up from school your face lights up and you literally yell "MOMMY!" and come running at me full speed with a big hug that could knock me over.  I LOVE IT!!

You like to walk into a room and say "come on Mommy/Daddy" and wave your hand to gesture us to follow you.  That means you want us to come play with you or read you a book.  You still LOVE books!  You never get tired of being read too and you will flip through a book all by yourself talking like you can actually read. 

You have the sweetest voice and laugh I've ever heard.  When you giggle, it is the cutest thing.  When one of us is laughing or make you laugh you say "Mommy/Daddy funny!" or "Hannah funny!" which makes us laugh even more.  It's adorable. 

Now when you get the sun shining in your eyes you will say "So bright Mommy!  Sungasses!  Sungasses!"  You sure love your accessories, especially your sunglasses. 

You speak a little Spanish now. Some words, not too many but you have counting 1-10 down and do it often on your own. We are amazed with you every single day.  On the car rides home you will often sing the entire ABC song by yourself including the "yay!" and clapping at the end.  SO smart! 

You are so big!!  I can't get over how big you are now, I'm not going to lie, it makes me sad.  You are a tall girl!  
Height: 34" (75%)
Weight: 27lb 6oz (70%)
Head: 19.25" (89%)
 You are in some 18-24 month clothes but mostly 24 month/2T.  You still wear a size 4 diaper and size 5 night time diaper.  You are in size 6 shoe.  You get in bed around 7:30 and wake up at 6am on the weekdays and between 7-8am usually on the weekends.  You take one nap during the day and it's anywhere from 1.5-3 hours.  You skip naptime all together probably once a week at school because you're just too busy apparently.   

 Hannah Lee, your Daddy and I couldn't love you more!   You are the sweetest little girl in the world and are SOOO much fun!  I hope I don't jinx us by saying this but you really are a very easy child.  You go with the flow and rarely ever cry.  You go down at bedtime and will just hang out and talk to yourself until you fall asleep.  You're the same way in the mornings, you wake up and hang out talking until we come get you and you will say "HI!" when we open your bedroom door.  You talk a lot!  Wonder where you got that from....  ;)  You eat just about anything we give you and say please and thank you to everything.  You are so friendly and will talk to pretty much anyone, you have the best personality!  You've had a little separation anxiety from Mommy this month, I'm hoping it passes quickly because it makes it hard for me to leave you sometimes.  Once I'm out of sight you move on and are totally fine.  You are an excellent traveler also, it makes road trips much easier for your Mommy and Daddy!  I think if you could talk more you would have very few complaints about your life, it's a pretty good one!

We love you so much sweet girl!    

Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Is Here!

Disclaimer:  Assume all posts from here on out for the foreseeable future are WAY late!  Ha.  I started a new job a few weeks ago and I'm not really sure what day it is half the time so bear with me.  

A few Saturdays back we had our first pool day at my parents house!  Our little fishy LOVED it!  

Such a bathing beauty! 

She doesn't love the water one bit....can't you tell?  ;)

So much fun!

Me with my happy girl

Haley wanted to go for a spin in the new float too!

Leah looks ready for swimming, haha!  She kept running out of the pool to eat more chips.

Taking a breather

Sweet girls sharing snacks

So high Daddy!!!

She was clearly very excited about this!

What goes up....

must come



Just taking a stroll around the pool

After we got home it was time for even more fun!  Hannah's first bubble bath!!  Yes, I know, she's almost two but our little one has SUPER sensitive skin and we have to be very careful about what goes on it so until I found bubble bath for sensitive skin (which just happened to have Elmo on it so that was a plus) she just got regular baths.  I can't with 100% certainty say we have created a bubble monster! 

You think she loved it??

So happy summer is here!