Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Is Here!

Disclaimer:  Assume all posts from here on out for the foreseeable future are WAY late!  Ha.  I started a new job a few weeks ago and I'm not really sure what day it is half the time so bear with me.  

A few Saturdays back we had our first pool day at my parents house!  Our little fishy LOVED it!  

Such a bathing beauty! 

She doesn't love the water one bit....can't you tell?  ;)

So much fun!

Me with my happy girl

Haley wanted to go for a spin in the new float too!

Leah looks ready for swimming, haha!  She kept running out of the pool to eat more chips.

Taking a breather

Sweet girls sharing snacks

So high Daddy!!!

She was clearly very excited about this!

What goes up....

must come



Just taking a stroll around the pool

After we got home it was time for even more fun!  Hannah's first bubble bath!!  Yes, I know, she's almost two but our little one has SUPER sensitive skin and we have to be very careful about what goes on it so until I found bubble bath for sensitive skin (which just happened to have Elmo on it so that was a plus) she just got regular baths.  I can't with 100% certainty say we have created a bubble monster! 

You think she loved it??

So happy summer is here!

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Chani said...

Her little faces are to die for! I love the pool pics with Austin too! She looks like she is having so much fun!!