Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Reception Time

Saturday I headed to San Antonio for Liz & Chris' pre-wedding reception.  Their wedding is in Playa Del Carmen, MX in November so this was to celebrate with their families and some of us in the bridal party made it too.  :)

Liz & I ready to party!

Greg & Chris

Liz with a few of her bridesmaids

Present table

The whole fam!

Grooms/Bridal cake.  Moose even made it on the cake!

Cake cutting time

Watch yourself Chris!

Liz's niece Ava and nephew Jack.  They are the cutest little kids!

1st dance

Liz's brother Gabe sang a song for the father/daughter dance.  It was so sweet.

Happy couple!

Aunt Mona passing out the jello shots!  This family knows how to party!

Lots of line dancing!

Jack & me being entertained by all the crazy dancers

Gabe attempting karaoke late night

This was around 1am.  Jack, I felt your pain buddy!

It was such a fun party and I'm so glad I was able to be a part of it!  Next up, the couples shower.  Liz & Chris aren't going to know what to do with themselves when all this wedding stuff is over!

New Look??

Tracy and I came back from the river and Leah greeted us dressed in her Bengals jersey ready to watch some football.  Tracy asked Ryan why exactly her onesie wasn't snapped on and was outside of her shorts.  He said it was too small...  Oh really??  Such a Daddy thing.

Pretty girl

What do you think?  I think the jersey would have fit just fine.  ;)

Leah was sooo sleepy after running around but a girls still gotta eat!  Poor baby can't even keep her eyes open.

She just cracks us up!  I just talked to Tracy and Leah said her 1st word this morning!  SHOES!  Ha!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Liz's Bachelorette Bash!

Ok, I'm a little behind in blogging lately due to technical difficulties so I have a few posts to catch up with.  We'll start with our girls road trip to New Braunfels for Liz's bachelorette party weekend.

Beth and I ready to hit the road!

Liz, Ashley and Amber all buckled up and ready for 3 hours of being in the car with my awesome driving skills.  :)

Two hours later.  Hi, My name is Kelly and I have an addiction to all things Buc-ee's.  I can't help myself!

We arrived Friday evening at the Rock St. Retreat which was so cute

The main house

Our cozy little living room

The guest house

This was where a few of us slept.  It was cold and awesome!

Lots of areas to hang out outside!

Our goody bags

Liz showing off the goods!

Me & Beth.  Amber took this picture and I swear she's not 7 ft tall but you'd think it with how short we look.

Ok, if I have an addiction to Buc-ee's then Liz has an addiction to all kinds of jerky.

Jill & me

Ashley, Beth & Amber hanging out

Liz with the cutest bathing suit ever!  Ashley's grandma embroidered it and the front had a little sparkly ring picture on it.

Our friendly neighbors checking out the loud girls who took over for the weekend.  ;)

Our other friendly neighbor.  He was probably thinking "you think this fence will keep me away from you girls? I think not..."  He was a good boy and stayed on his side of the fence though.  :)

Saturday morning we all got ready to float the river.  Liz was prepping for the float with a special drink.

Me with the bride-to-be!

Heading to the river

We were on the tube bus heading to the drop-off and I noticed this.  Beth's brother and sister-in-law's mark on the bus!  Jared & Shelly

Floating the COLD river

Beth & Amber

And then the rain started.  BIG TIME!!  It made for a very cold and wet float but it was still fun!  It was warmer to be IN the river than to be in your tube at that point.

Ready for a night on the town!

Looking good there future Mrs. Johnson!

Tracy & I ready to head out

Liz with the Autrey girls

Beth and I heading to Gruene Hall

Our crew outside Gruene Hall to see Reckless Kelly perform

Gotta love the decor 

Amber, Beth & me

Our old high school crew.  We've all known each other since middle school, some since before then!

Liz, you having fun??

Yeah, I'd say so.  ;)

It was such a great weekend!  It was the 1st of the 3 weekends in a row that we're celebrating Liz & Chris so more to come!