Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rock-A-Bye Baby Shower

Two weeks ago a few girls and I hosted a Rock-N-Roll themed baby shower at my house for our friend Liz and baby Adelina (due date is Christmas Eve!).  Liz is one of my oldest and bestest friends and is probably the funniest person I've ever met so it was a lot of fun getting to throw her a shower.  We worked hard to make sure there was food she loves, drinks she loves (when she's not preggers) and a theme she loves since she has never been one to shy away from a personal concert.   

Champagne cocktails bar

Lindsey found someone on Etsy who made the invitations and all the accessories to go with it.  Gotta love Etsy!
Popcorn favors for the pop star momma!

I found the cutest guitar diaper cake (also on Etsy) for the mommy-to-be placed right along with her all time favorite foods - beef jerky and pickles!  The only thing missing was a plate of cheese.  Liz has quite a mature palate.  ;)  Hey, you like what you like! 

Yummy cupcakes

Rock-a-bye baby invite

Adelina's own water bottles!


I can't wait for Hannah and Adelina to grow up together!  Liz and I have big plans for these girls, they are going to be best friends, they just don't know it yet!  :)

Lots of yummy food

Amber got our girls the cutest little ruffle bottoms

I made Liz some burp cloths and I've never really appreciated how large they are until now since Hannah spits up all over the place these days.

To go along with the theme, I got Adelina some rock star clothes for both mom and dad

Liz got a ton of great gifts including this NKOTB onesie!  Gotta love old school boy bands 

Liz rockin' it out

Mommy-to-be with her hostesses

Me, Liz and Lindsey.  Our friendship began a LOOONG time ago when Lindsey and I took Liz to the movies one night and we've stayed close ever since!

Congratulations Liz!!  I can't wait for sweet little Lina to arrive and for you to get to experience how special motherhood is.  It's the best thing in the world and you are going to be such a great mommy to your baby girl. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Uh Oh

It looks like we've got a little thumb sucker on our hands!

Baby girl LOVES to stick her fingers in her mouth and she's just recently discovered that she has a thumb also!  She's the cutest little thumb sucker I've ever seen.  :)

Cereal Is Yucky!

There was a big event at the Townsend house last night!  Miss Hannah got to try rice cereal for the first time!
Take a look and you can decide if she liked it or not....

First taste

That is a look of pure disgust on her face

Austin and I could not stop laughing at this picture because we've never seen her make a face like this!  Best.  Picture.  EVER.  Hahaha! 

Pretty sure more ended up on her chin and bib than in her mouth

Looking at Daddy with the video camera giving him the "help me Daddy" eyes.

But it was all worth it because she got her bath afterwards!  How sweet is this?!  She's just holding onto her Daddy's finger while getting her bath.  Love it.

She's such a big girl now!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One Year Ago...

One year ago today our lives were changed forever.  We got the news that we'd all anxiously been waiting to hear, I was pregnant!  I remember that day so clearly.  I had only been home from the hospital from my kidney stones incident for four days and I was back at the doctors office getting my blood taken, then off to my regular acupuncture appointment (that would continue until I was 12 weeks pregnant), then a stop by Tracy's to see Miss Leah and back home to wait for the phone to ring.  Every single time my phone rang that day (and it rang a LOT because all of my family and close friends knew we were getting the news that day) my heart would drop thinking it was the dr's office calling.  Nurse Allison finally called at 3:30 while I was sitting on the couch distracting myself with some Beverly Hills 90210 (ironically it was the episode where Janet tells Steve she's pregnant, I'll never forget that!) and told me my blood test results were in and I was pregnant!  Dr H called not much later to congratulate us and I just could not stop crying.  I seriously have never cried such happy tears in my life.  We had gone through the hardest year of our lives and to have it all end the way it did we couldn't have been happier.  So, 10 days after the embryo transfer, little Miss Hannah was growing by the day and it was just the beginning of the greatest thing that's ever happened to us!  

B and me impatiently waiting for Austin to get home to give him the good news!

B wearing his Big Brother shirt to surprise his Daddy with the news

A year later we get to spend every day with this sweet baby girl and we couldn't be happier!

Hannah Lee you are the greatest gift your Daddy and I ever could have received and we love you SO much!  We smile every time we see you and never could have imagined love this big.  Your smile warms our hearts and your squeals and coos are music to our ears.  You ended 2010 on the highest note for us and 2011 has been better every day.  We love you baby girl!

What a difference a year makes!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Early Bird

I got woken up this morning 10 minutes before my alarm went off because someone has found her voice and IT IS LOUD!!  I couldn't even be upset that my alarm hadn't gone off yet because she's just too stinking cute!

(Photo courtesy of CiCi who sends me sweet pics throughout her and Hannah's days together)

It really was cute though, she was just squawking (yes, squawking is the appropriate word for the sound she was making) and cooing away.  Baby girl LOVES the sound of her voice now that she realizes it's her!

Another big event happened this week, Miss Hannah rolled over on her own!!  Video to come!

It's also worth noting that while she was up early this morning talking away, she got to fall back asleep into a blissful slumber while Mommy and Daddy had to get up and start their day.  Still worth waking up early to hear that sweet sound. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cutest Pumpkin In The Patch!

A few weeks ago we decided to have a mini photo shoot in our backyard with our little pumpkin.  I sent Austin to the pumpkin patch to buy a large pumpkin (large pumpkins are not cheap by the way.  Yowza!), we carved it out, set up the scene and got the cutest pictures ever of our sweet baby girl!

Cutest pumpkin in the patch!

Baby girl had a great time hanging out in her pumpkin!

Love that cute face!


Some more cute pictures

Behind the scenes!  I basically just walked around our house and picked some of our larger fall decorations and brought them outside and set everything up.  The only "real" thing in the picture is the pumpkin and the yellow mums that Austin had planted a while back in that pot.

 Getting Hannah ready to be a super model!  No one ever said being a model is easy....  We had her in her footed jammies that we only had on her bottom half.  Then we wrapped her up in a blanket and put her in the cleaned out pumpkin.  We then packed her in there nice and tight with another blanket stuffed down in the pumpkin.  Miss Hannah was NOT going anywhere!  I think she really liked that she was sitting up on her own since she was supported so well.  The only part of her body actually touching the pumpkin were her arms.  Austin used the umbrella as shade for her during the photo session while I snapped away like a crazy momma trying to get the best picture.  Her entire photo shoot lasted all of five minutes.  :)

Stuffing her in!

Snug as a bug!

B even wanted to be a part of the picture!

She was so cute, I love our sweet little pumpkin so much!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

First Aggie Game

A few weeks ago we headed to College Station for the first of many Aggie football games that Miss Hannah will attend!  Times sure have changed.  It was an 11:00am game against Missouri and I had to wake up at 6am to make sure we got on the road in time.  Austin was so excited to take his baby girl to one of his favorite places!

On the road with some entertainment

Hannah's first time at Kyle Field!

We were lucky enough to be in a suite for the game.  I don't think I know we wouldn't have brought Hannah if we had to sit in the stadium seats.  She's a high maintenance girl. ;)

One of the many benefits of watching the game in a suite!  Hannah could be changed and fed all in one spot and we didn't have to go searching for a public bathroom.

Watching the game with Daddy!  I thought for a while that she was the Aggies good luck charm but I was wrong.  :(  My friend Allison makes these cute bows and it was so funny because during the game they show people in the stands on the jumbo tron and they showed a little girl wearing the same bow and Austin's bachelor boss said "Hey, Austin!  That girl has the same bow as Hannah!"  It just cracked me up that 1. he noticed Hannah's bow enough to recognize a similar one and 2. he was yelling around for Austin so he could see the similar bow as well.
Cutest little Aggie I've ever seen!

Fightin' Texas Aggie Band at halftime

Maggie was so cute, as soon as she found out Hannah was there she wanted us to bring her down to see her. She was just amazed and kept petting Hannah.  It was too cute.

Just touching Hannah and being so sweet to her!

Over and over again...  ;)  She's going to be such a good big sister to her little sister arriving soon!

Mike and Austin with their sweet girls

Three men and a baby

Hannah makes me laugh in this picture.  She's checking Maggie out.

Our attempt at a family picture.  It was a fail.  :(

Sleepy girl.  She slept through the 3rd quarter.

We met up with AJ, Aunt Nan and Uncle Jeff after the game.  Hannah got lots of lovin'!

Ok Mommy, enough pictures already.  She looks like her Daddy here big time!

We met everyone to tailgate after the game.  We only lasted about an hour before heading back home but we had a great time!  This made me laugh, Austin was shading his baby girl from the sun, he was afraid she'd get a sunburn walking from the stadium to the tailgate.  So sweet.

Can't wait until next season when we get to bring her to more games!