Friday, December 21, 2012

16 Months Old!

Hannah Lee you are 16 months old!!  You are SO much more a toddler this month, I think your baby days are pretty much a thing of the past.  You talk NONSTOP and just run all over the place!  You are such a sweet sweet girl and you have such a happy attitude 99.9% of the time.  We feel so lucky to have you as our daughter.  This month I'm happy to report that you've stopped grinding your teeth, thankfully that was a short lived habit!!  It was HORRIBLE for those few weeks you did it.  You really love to make faces and it's hilarious.  You are SUCH a ham!!   You love to entertain people and you still will just go up to anyone, doesn't matter whether you know them or not, you will just go chat with them and hold your arms out to be held.  I love that you are so independent but once you're a little older we'll have to work on stranger danger a little more with you since you're so friendly.  

You still don't really have an interest in TV other than your Baby Einstein DVDs. 

You are still a great eater and sleeper.  You go to bed around 7-7:30 and wake up during the week around 6am when we get you out of bed for school and you wake up around 7-8am during the weekends on your own.  You are just happy happy happy!!  I love your sweet personality but when you do get upset about something you have started throwing fits.  Not OK with Mommy and Daddy!  You will just whine and get on the floor crying.  When we don't respond to you (which we NEVER do) you just stare at us and realize you're not getting your way and move on.  It's pretty funny actually but we don't encourage it at all obviously.  Luckily it's few and far between that these fits happen.    

I'm not really sure how much you weigh right now but I'd guess 24-25 lbs.  You are pretty thin minus your big ole' belly!  You've started having some eczema this month, I'm guessing because it's colder outside so we're trying to keep that under control.  It doesn't bother you one bit it seems.  That's another thing that I just love about you sweet girl.  You are rarely bothered by much.  You are very "go with the flow".  You got that from your Daddy because we all know I'm not that way! 

You have TWO more teeth this month bringing your total to 16!  You're almost at your full set!  You love getting your teeth brushed everyday and love to watch yourself in the mirror while we brush them. 

You got your first black eye on your 16th month bday.  You fell at school and hit your eyelid on the table.  You can see it a little in the pictures below.  Your teachers said you were pretty upset but you haven't cared about it since. 

You are such a funny girl!  You love to laugh and to make other people laugh.  I LOVE that about you!  You make faces all day and it's just the cutest thing ever.

You talk SO much!!  You repeat so much that we say and amaze us everyday with your new words.  We think you're very smart!  Dada is now Daddy to you, about a week ago you decided to call him Daddy all the time.  It's the sweetest sound when you say his name.  You had a bad dream a few nights ago and you were crying and I walked into your room and you were crying and yelling "Daaaaaddyyyyyy!!"  It was so cute and sad at the same time.

Here are your 16 month pictures.  You actually stood still for a really long time while we took these! 

Such a big girl!

Clapping at Daddy

Clapping at Mr Lamb

Giving Mr Lamb lovin' like always!

Hannah Lee we love you SOOOOO much!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 Christmas Card

I LOVE our Christmas card this year!  There is a picture of the three of us on the back also.

I wish I could send them to everyone but that's just not possible so Merry Christmas to you and to your families!  

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hannah's Ornaments

While CiCi and Papa C were in town a few weeks ago we made some ornaments for Hannah and I painted them this last weekend.  I think they're pretty cute.  :)

Here are Hannah's (pink), Mommy's (purple) and Daddy's (blue) fingerprints on the Christmas tree!  You can't tell in the picture but you can see that they are fingerprints in person.

Hannah's handprint Santa.  I really love this one.  :) 

Handprint ornament 

Footprint ornament 

Since we had extra dough we made a little girl Hannah ornament too. 

I love this kind of stuff and hope to make ornaments with my kids each year!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy 60th Birthday!

My Mom's 60th birthday was on December 2nd and since everyone was in town we all got together for a bday celebration at Tracy and Ryan's house!  Here's our entire family minus two of our cousins and their families.  It's still kind of hard to look at the pictures because Uncle Jeff isn't in them but he's with us in spirit always.

My Mom with her sister-in-laws and besties 

These pictures crack me up.  The birthday girl wanted a picture with her granddaughters.  Leah and Hannah were ready to go on Lainey's lap.  Haley....not so much. 

She was NOT going to be pushed into the picture! 


Silly girl! 

Hannah with her Lainey 

Four of the six Autrey girls 

Poor Ross, he's the only boy out of all seven of the cousins! 

Uncle Tom and Hannah making faces at each other.  She LOVES her Uncle Tom! 

Hannah's silly faces!  She is such a ham! 

Happy 60th birthday Mom/Lainey!  We love you!


Friday morning after Thanksgiving Austin and Cindy went fishing at a friends lake while Mark, Hannah and I headed up to the Georgetown Playscape.  WOW!!  That thing is impressive!  Mark told me there are only a few like it in the entire country!  That is one thing that I really love about Georgetown, there are SO many cool things for kids to do! 

Hannah and Papa C checking out all the tiles that kids made for the playscape.

Heading into the playscape holding Papa C's hand like a big girl!  I couldn't even get a good picture of just how BIG and awesome this thing is.  This picture shows most of one side of it and you can see how tiny Hannah looks walking up to it.

Hannah made friends right away!  These boys showed us all the good places to hide in the playscape.  They moved much faster than we did!

Sweet girl having the time of her life in there!

She was all over the many bridges

No.  Fear.

A view of one of the sides of the playscape.

Having fun sliding down the slide with Papa C!

Her face cracks me up.  She owned it.  Haha

Hannah and Mommy.  She just wanted me to put her back down so she could go play again.

One of the views from inside the playscape.  HUGE!

Hannah and Papa C checking out the view from the window

I love all the details of Georgetown they carved into the wood. 

Yeah, she was pretty much in heaven!

Saying bye to the playscape that I'm sure we will be back to visit every time we're in Georgetown.

After we left the playscape we headed over to the park to say hi to the geese.

She loved them.

Papa C wanted to test Hannah's arm strength.

Haha!  She's working hard!

Once we got back to the house it was time to hunt for pecans!  There were MANY to find and Hannah was a big helper.  :)

Putting all the pecans in the right bucket for Papa C to crack

After naptime it was dress up time in Aunt Rachel's hat and boots!  Such a cutie.

Friday night we headed up to the lighting of the square.  It was so pretty!  I swear, it was like a movie set, you know where kids are running around on the lawn playing football, people are standing around in groups drinking hot chocolate or wine chatting with their neighbors while Christmas music was playing for everyone to hear.  It was so cute yet hilarious to me because I didn't know those places really existed but they do in Georgetown!  It reminded me of Stars Hollow (Gilmore Girls) so naturally I love it!  The square is such a cute place and it's just down the road from my in-laws house so we always head up there when we're visiting.  VERY different from the big city but lots of fun with more small town charm.  When we were leaving for the night there was even a HUGE inflatable movie screen set up on one side of the square so people could watch A Christmas Story.

Cheer up Hannah... ;) I swear she was having a great time, just apparently not when this picture was taken.  Ha!

Dean and Rachel

All of us before a yummy dinner on the square

Her faces CRACK US UP!!!  She was pretty excited after eating her spaghetti!

After dinner when the square was all lit up!

Our fam

Pretty courthouse in the center of the square

Hannah and Daddy

On Saturday Hannah wanted to do her hair while CiCi got ready for the day.

We went to an awesome Mexican restaurant for lunch.  Seriously kid, you smile ALL DAY LONG so smile for a picture!  ;)

Playing with one of Rachel's old babydolls.  So sweet.

We had a great weekend and I know Hannah can't wait to go back!  Thanks for a great weekend Mark and Cindy!