Monday, December 17, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

So here it is, almost a MONTH later and I'm just now posting about Thanksgiving.  Yes, I'm behind but to be perfectly honest, I've kind of been avoiding updating the blog on purpose.  I like to blog in the order the events happened and I knew Thanksgiving was the next post to do and it's a hard one.  My blog is about my family and a lot of the things that we do together are on here but most of the serious, really personal things are never discussed on the blog.  So, without going into detail I'll just say that this Thanksgiving was a very hard one for my family.  It was the last holiday that although we couldn't all be together physically we were all still here.  A few days after Thanksgiving we lost our Uncle Jeff.  I couldn't imagine having a better uncle to grow up around and he was an amazing father, husband, brother, uncle and friend to all of us who knew him.  I couldn't be more proud of him, he was truly a fighter and he will be missed every single day. 

So, for the first time in my 32 years I spent Thanksgiving away from my parents with Austin's mom's side of the family in Waco!  Hannah was SO happy to see her CiCi and Papa C!

Want to take a ride??  Austin's Aunt Nan kept so many toys from when her kids were little and all the little ones now LOVE them!  They are so different than the toys they make today and just lots of fun.

Hannah loves hats!

I really should have put one more bow on her....haha!  ;)  She looked so sweet and girly in her turkey dress!

Taking the picture with the gorilla in Waco.  If you remember, we have the same pic from Easter too.

That gorilla is painted for every holiday!

Baby girl LOVED her Thanksgiving dinner!

I've mentioned before her love of shoes.  She put on one of the cousins shoes and she looked so big!  Hannah will put on any shoe she can find, doesn't matter who it belongs to or the size of the shoe.

Pushing the baby doll around in the shopping cart.  I'm pretty sure she will be excited on Christmas to see she is getting a cart of her own.

Such a big girl!

It was an emotional day but a great day to spend with our family.  After we left Waco on Thursday night we headed to Georgetown to spend the weekend with CiCi and Papa C!  That's the next post, it's a LONG one!! 

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Stephanie said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your family's loss. It's never an easy thing, but around the holidays it seems to make it even harder. I'm glad you were able to spend it with Austin's family though and have a bit of a change of scenery.