Sunday, April 25, 2010

Crawfish Festival 2010

Saturday afternoon Katie, Lunchbox, Austin and I headed to Old Town Spring to meet Liz, Chris and Co. for Crawfish Festival.  It was a beautiful day and perfect for sitting outside, hanging out with friends, listening to music and eating crawfish!

Wes entertaining us outside Anthony's shop

Me, Liz and Ashley hanging out

Eating some mud bugs!  We ate the entire bucket. :)
This picture makes me laugh.  We obviously didn't know it was being taken but check out the determination on my face and Katie's serious search for the last of the crawfish!  Ha!

Me & Austin

Mr & Mrs Ogorchock

It was a great day!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Payden Is Here!

Thursday morning Payden Jesse Stewart arrived!  
He's so tiny!  7 lbs 7 oz. 19 in long

Big sister Avery with their cousin Cale

Avery saying "Oh no!" when Payden cried.  She was concerned why "baby Payden" was sad.  Already a good big sis!

Me with the newest Stewart family member

He's smiling!  Kind of...

BFFs with Payden

Mom, Dad and Payden

Cute little Payden

Look who I saw while I was at the hospital.  That picture is of the Steece quads, their mom Suz is Austin's cousins best friend and I follow her blog.  It was funny, I was getting on the elevator and thought "hey, they look familiar"!

Congrats to Beth, Daniel & Avery on Payden entering the family!  You guys have a beautiful family and I can't wait to watch him grow up.  :)

So, after 3 day, 14 hours and 959 miles my solo Texas road trip is DONE!  It was a loooong trip but worth it all, I'm so happy I got to see Austin speak at Muster and meet Payden!  

Road Trip - Muster

This has been a CRAZY busy week for me!  Austin and I headed to Hondo on Wednesday afternoon for Aggie Muster.  Austin was asked to be the speaker for the event and he did such a good job!

Austin & Jon

Cindy came out too!

So, here was my trip path for the week!  I followed Austin to Hondo and then Thursday Austin headed home and I headed to Ft Worth to surprise my best friend Beth after she had baby Payden that morning.  

As I was driving all throughout Texas I was thinking about how I could stop and see everyone in the Townsend/Horton family except for those in the Valley!  But if I stopped in each town they live in then it would take 3 days to get to see Beth.  Maybe we'll stop in San Antonio, New Braunfels, Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, Waco or Arlington NEXT time because that's where they all are at!  

Up next, Baby Payden!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mo Co Cookoff

This weekend we spent all our time at the Montgomery County Cookoff.  Austin and a few of his buddies are on a team there and it is WAY different than the Houston Rodeo Cookoff!  It is MUCH more casual with a "different" kind of crowd but a great time.  The wives actually got to help for this cookoff!  The guys don't let us touch anything at the Houston Cookoff except help serve dinner so it's nice to be able to help out.   The only thing that isn't different is that it's still a party!  :)

There was a white tiger couple there.  Why?  Not sure, but we still saw them.  This male was 500 lbs and he looked like he wanted OUT!

See!  I actually WAS helping!  :)  I was pulling apart the pork that was AWESOME!

Me with the hubby

This is what an awards ceremony looks like in Mo Co.  Miss Montgomery County and all!  ;)

A few of the cooks!

Cliff, Julie & Austin (aka Thompson for the weekend)

Me & Tiff who's almost ready for Baby P #3 to appear!

Kyle with Baby P #2 Kenzie (who by the way is one of the most well behaved little girls I've ever met!  Such a sweet little girl)

The "ice sculpture" at our friends tent

The Ogorchocks and Townsends

The boys showing their best fist pumps!  Nice boys, nice.  :)

Mike with the ice mug

Julie and me

The Williams and Townsends.  Don't you love how people squat in pictures when clearly you will all fit in the frame?!

Chip, I don't think you have the right jacket!

My partners in crime!

Such a fun weekend!  I can't wait for my next few posts, I have a VERY busy week but fun one coming up!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Girl On The Move!

It was a big day for Miss Leah.  She's 8 months old today, she started scooting, clapping and held a bottle for the first time!  Lainey watched Leah today so I got to see her at lunch and after work.  :)  As my Dad said thank goodness for digital cameras because I took a lot of pics of the pretty girl!

What are you doing here Aunt Kelly?  It's lunchtime!

You want to see some of my new tricks?

Clapping at the TV with Lainey

Big girl standing up hugging Aunt Kelly!  I love it!  :)

Dancing with Lainey

Obviously Leah loves it.  So cute!

Getting ready to be on the move.  Check out the determination on that face!

Made it to the "prize"!  Check out that booty in the air.  :)

Yeah Leah!  Very proud of herself

After all that hard work she felt she needed a reward so she held the bottle all by herself!

Happy 8 month birthday Leah Shay! I love you  :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Part 3 - Neil Diamond!

Ok, so for the last 9 months or so we've been keeping a secret. The secret was supposed to be kept from everyone but mainly from Lunchbox. Word got out to a few people but Lunchbox never found out! Katie mentioned a while back that Lunchbox wanted Dolly Parton or Neil Diamond to sing at his wedding reception. Well, as realistic as that dream was, it appears that both Dolly and Neil were booked that day so Katie "hired" the next best thing of course. Enter Austin....

The outfit is homemade and it took a few different people and MANY hours and I think it looks awesome!

After a few weeks of practicing in the car everyday I think he got the act down pretty good! Lunchbox was so surprised and everyone loved it!
Coming To America!

Sweet Caroline!

Lunchbox showing his respect for Neil

Working the room!

It was a hit!

Lunchbox & Austin being Lunchbox & Austin

Now it's time for the party pics!
You've lost that lovin' feeling!

This was so funny, all the guys doing their best Tom Cruise Top Gun impersonation!

After the Aggie War Hymn Katie and I had to show our school loyalty with the UNT eagle claw! :)

Some of the girls

This picture looks so funny, like Austin is pushing my head sideways or something. I swear he wasn't!

Biff hanging out with the kids outside the hotel. Ha!

Last picture of the night. Biff with his own personal cooler

Love the new sign on the way out! :)

This was one of my favorite weddings I've ever been to! We all had such a great time and Katie & Kris are so perfect for each other and I'm so happy for them. Congrats you two!!