Saturday, April 24, 2010

Payden Is Here!

Thursday morning Payden Jesse Stewart arrived!  
He's so tiny!  7 lbs 7 oz. 19 in long

Big sister Avery with their cousin Cale

Avery saying "Oh no!" when Payden cried.  She was concerned why "baby Payden" was sad.  Already a good big sis!

Me with the newest Stewart family member

He's smiling!  Kind of...

BFFs with Payden

Mom, Dad and Payden

Cute little Payden

Look who I saw while I was at the hospital.  That picture is of the Steece quads, their mom Suz is Austin's cousins best friend and I follow her blog.  It was funny, I was getting on the elevator and thought "hey, they look familiar"!

Congrats to Beth, Daniel & Avery on Payden entering the family!  You guys have a beautiful family and I can't wait to watch him grow up.  :)

So, after 3 day, 14 hours and 959 miles my solo Texas road trip is DONE!  It was a loooong trip but worth it all, I'm so happy I got to see Austin speak at Muster and meet Payden!  

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Steve-n-Angela said...

he is adorable congrats to Beth and the family!
And next time you are making a trip this way let me know, you could stop by or we could meet for a quick bite!