Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday B!

Yesterday was Brody's 5th birthday!  I can't believe he's already 5.  He brings so much happiness to Austin and me, he's just sooo sweet.  :)  He is super spoiled and I honestly don't know what he's going to do when he's not the only baby around here...

Happy birthday Buddy!

You know he just LOVES his birthday hat!  ;)

Enjoying his birthday treat from the dog bakery down the street.  I get him a bday treat there every year.  My car actually smells good from the treats!  They smell like people sweets.

Licking those lips after he got a quick taste

Daddy, give it to me!!

Check out the sweets I got for B and a few of his friends for New Years from the dog bakery.  So cute  :)

Happy 5th birthday to our little Brody, Mr. B, B, Buddy, Bubba!  He goes by many names  :)

So Many Faces

Leah stayed the night with her Lainey and Pops the other night and I came by the next day to hang out.  Leah was in quite the mood and couldn't decide if she wanted her picture taken or not.

Love that little pout!

Not loving this look she's giving me here.  I can only imagine what she was thinking....

Such a cutie

This cracks me up!  It's her new face she makes when she doesn't want something.  I don't know where she learned it but it's hilarious.

Leah is so entertaining and funny  :)  Love her!

Christmas Day

Christmas morning Austin, B and I woke up and checked out what Santa put in our stockings.  Notice the yellowish tint to the picture?  Well, you won't be seeing much more of that anymore because my parents got us a new fancy camera!  It's awesome, but I didn't get it until later in the day so these were taken with my little camera.

B was going CRAZY over his stocking!  It's not the 1st year he's gotten one but for some reason this year he was psycho about it.  It was so funny!

Treats, yummy!

The "blur" of dog that you see looks like that because he's shaking his head so hard trying to get his baby out of the stocking

Jackpot!  Ha  :) 

Later in the day we all headed to my parents house to open presents and have lunch.  Check out Leah's loot on the right!  The girl cleaned up!

Tracy loved the wine glasses we got her  :)

B checking out everyones presents.  Like that quality of picture?  ;)  I still have a lot to learn about the camera and how to work it but it's still fun taking pictures

 Leah wasn't so sure of Mickey right away.  It was so funny, you press on the foot and it sings the "Hot Diggity Dog" song (she LOVES that song!) and she looked at Mickey and then looked at the TV wondering why she was seeing him in real life and not on TV.  Ha!

She loved her little popper thing.  I can't believe they still make those!

Austin and I got her this little room type thing with a 100 balls in it to play in.  She loved it.  :)

Pops handing her some one of the balls that she threw out.  She really likes to make a mess and then help clean it up these days so handing her toys is always appreciated  ;)

 Playing with Mickey!

This made me laugh because a few weeks ago at work my coworker found a box of these "build a helicopter" kits so I took one for Ryan since he's an engineer and likes stuff like that.  I thought he'd maybe put it together one day but oh no, he did it RIGHT THEN.  He barely spoke to any of us and didn't open the rest of his presents until that helicopter was complete.

Happy Leah

Bringing back some of the balls she threw out.  She looks so happy!

So cute

Not-so happy Leah.  Ha!

Mary enjoying an after dinner drink 

Playing with Uncle Austin

You lookin' at me?? 

Me & Austin

We have one more Christmas celebration next weekend with Austin's side of the family.  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we headed over to my aunt and uncles house to spend the evening with the fam.  

Leah with her Lainey & Pops

We had yummy food and the cutest cupcakes

Leah with her Lainey

My cousin Emily and me

Leah with her two grandmas!  Ryan's mom joined us this year from Ohio.  So glad you came Mary! 

Beautiful table

Pretty sparkly tree :)

Peek a boo!  Where did BABY Leah go??

Leah, Ryan and her Gabou

Not the best picture of me but it was the only time Leah sat still long enough with me that night.  She was a busy girl! 

The hosts of the evening, Jeff & Janet 

Our attempt at a family picture.  Only one of us wasn't happy about that as you can see...  ;)

Me & the hubs

Leah was the best Santa that night!  She would take everyone their gifts

Even the big ones!

She got to open a gift finally!  She was SO excited when she saw her drum....

and was pretty upset when they couldn't get all the parts out fast enough!  Ha!  Note to self: ALWAYS take everything apart before presenting it to a 16 month old.  They don't understand "give me one minute".

Happy girl with her drum sticks!

We had such a fun night, had lots of laughs and enjoyed hanging out together.  Next up, Christmas Day!