Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cookies & Lights

Saturday was a busy day!  Tracy and I had our annual cookie/candy baking day where we make goodies for our coworkers for the holidays.  It takes ALL day and Leah wanted to help us out this year.  :)

First she was trying to get some money out of her Mommy's wallet

Leah, all ready to head to school with her lunch box and backpack!  Neither of which does she actually use for school...

Let's go!

This was last year on our cookie day.  Leah was all business.  She was so tiny then!

Since she's a big girl this year she really wanted to help out!

This is what happened when we had to take the chocolate chips away so we could use them... She was no longer helpful at that point.  Ha!

All better! 

Saturday night Tracy, Ryan, Leah, Austin & I headed over to Lights in the Heights.  The Heights is a neighborhood area near their house where everyone decorates their houses and yards and it's like a mini festival on residential streets.  We headed to their friend Kevin & Judy's house first and Leah loved the slide!

Watching the parade 

The best pic I could get of the Josefovsky clan

Santa on a pirate ship!

Ghostbusters were there to represent in the parade

Festive float!

The girls ready to head out to check out all the houses decorated

Several of the houses had bands playing on their porches

Austin & me

Check out this decked out wagon! 

We made a stop at one of the couples house and Leah really enjoyed their "toys"

The wheels were turning on how she can figure out how to get out of the stroller next time....

Such a big girl!

Uh oh!  Andrew & Leah about to kiss.  The kiss never happened because Andrew is a 2 year old boy and NEVER stopped moving!  He was all over the place, such a cute kid.

Such a busy and long day but so much fun!  


Stephanie said...

I think this was the weekend for baking cookies! I did the same thing. Hope you had a good time.

LambAround said...

What adorable photos! I guess you learned not to mess with a girl's chocolate ;)