Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Townsend2014 Month 5

I'm a few months behind on posting all my daily Instagram pics but here is the month of May!  It was a busy and fun one!!

Day 121:  Dancing with Daddy!

Day 122: Hannah was ready to surprise Daddy when he got home!

Day 123: When Mommy's not at home you get to go to the store with Daddy in your jammies!

Day 124: Cookies make her so happy!

Day 125: Spaghetti night!  She eats so much cleaner now!

Day 126: Giving Mommy hugs since I don't feel great.  She's the sweetest girl ever.  She ran into our room and said "Mommy you don't feel good?  I need to give you hugs"

Day 127: This girl is just so sweet.  She ran inside today and said "I went poo poo in the potty today Mommy!  I want to make you happy!"

Day 128: Mommy, I give you kisses!

Day 129: Mosquito season begins.....

Day 130: First boat ride of the season!

Day 131:  This precious girl made my dreams come true when I became her Mommy.  It's my greatest blessing!  Happy Mother's Day!

Day 132: Handsome boy cleans up well!

Day 133: I love picking up school pictures!

Day 134: Potty training is fun right?!

Day 135: Tea with my princess!  Along with some singing I'm A Little Teapot!

Day 136: Fun dinner out!  Hannah saw girls in prom dresses and wanted to tell them they looked like pretty princesses.  So sweet!

Day 137: Someone is super excited that Mommy and Daddy are going car shopping!  M&D are super excited she's going to play at Lainey & Pops house while this happens.

Day 138: So much fun at the arboretum!

Day 139: First and last day of gymnastics!

Day 140: Higher Daddy higher!

Day 141: Tickets are bought!  We're going to have three very excited girls at the show!!

Day 142: My new ride!!  I still can't believe it's mine!

Day 143: Fun night with friends!

Day 144: Happy Saturday!

Day 145: Sunday funday! 

Day 146: Happy Memorial Day!  Thank you to all who serve our country!

Day 147: I came home to this sweet picture.  She loves reading her Bibles!  When she was done she said "the end".  Haha.

Day 148: I seriously don't know how that tongue fits in his itty bitty little mouth!

Day 149: I had this playing in the car this afternoon and Hannah said "I like this song Mommy, turn it up!"

Day 150: Leah graduated!  Next stop kindergarten!

Day 151:  Girls night!  Love you girls!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Zoo Day!

So, I'm still here.  I haven't blogged in over two months which is the longest I've ever gone since starting this little blog over five years ago.  I'm SO behind that this post is from February!  My phone is full (literally) of pictures I need to put on here so when I find time I'm going to work on updating this little space of mine.  Life is busy, what can I say.

In February we took Hannah to the zoo one morning and it was the perfect weather and day!  She was too busy to take a picture with Mommy and the elephant but we tried anyways.

They had a brand new baby elephant that was born just a week or so before we visited.  It's Mommy was super protective like we all are in the beginning.

We walked all over the zoo, saw every exhibit and had a blast but this thing right here was Hannah's favorite.  Ick.  The huge, nasty komodo dragon. 

When we pryed her away from the dragon we made our way to the monkeys!  Hannah wanted to feed the ape on our way in.

Little cutie

Kelly must have been a popular name in September 1980 because this Kelly is just a few weeks younger than me!

We headed over to the highly anticipated giraffe exhibit where there was a brand new little baby there too, it was so cute.  I got pics on my good camera but I don't have that with me right now so these are just cell phone pics.  Hannah got to feed the giraffes "salad" as she kept saying!

She was amazed 

On our way to see other animals we passed the dragon again.  So we stopped.  And waited while she checked him out.  Again.

Happy girl

Other people came and went and she just sat there staring at the least mobile animal at the zoo. 

On our way out we headed to the gift shop and we told Hannah she could pick out one thing.  She chose a rubber snake.  Ew!  That thing creeps me out.  Since I HATE snakes I let her choose two things since she liked the soft cute giraffe also.  Let's just say the giraffe still is in her bed every night and I honestly have no idea where that rubber snake is.  It's somewhere in a drawer in the playroom I'm assuming but I'm definitely not going to be looking for it anytime soon.  ;)

Here she was saying "Mommy!  The snake says ssssssss!"

She wanted the snake and giraffe to kiss.

It was such a great day with our little munchkin!