Monday, November 11, 2013


It is so hard to believe its been THREE YEARS since our little miracle was created. Three years ago today I had my embryo transfer with Hannah and our lives were forever changed!

Of course this event can't be mentioned of without thinking of the events that shortly followed.

I remember this day three years ago like it was last week. It was such an exciting yet scary time and there was so much hope even through all the dramatic events that followed. We could never have known just how great it all would be!

Happy 3 year anniversary to your creation Hannah Lee! Haha. Every single day with you is better than the day before.

You are SO loved!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

The weekend after CiCi came to visit she came back with Papa and we had lots of fun!  Saturday morning we headed to the church outside our neighborhood (where Hannah was baptized last year) for their annual Pumpkin Fest.  This little girl right here had the BEST time! 

We started off trying to get some cute pictures.  Yeah....that's a lot harder to do with a two year old than with a baby.

Us with our little pumpkin

Um, excuse me Miss Hannah but don't ever push away Mommy's kisses!

Haha, love her faces!

Our sweet little pumpkin

Love her!

So, I ditched the camera at this point and only took around my phone for pics.  Hannah got to ride on her first pony!  She loved it.

Even though her face looked like this....

She was a happy girl!

Next we headed to the petting zoo

First time I've seen a giant turtle in a petting zoo but hey, whatever floats your boat.  It was actually Hannah's favorite animal.

She was very interested in him eating grass.

Feeding the llama!

And then the majority of time was spent either here or in the bounce house next to it.  My child has NO fear and always goes for the biggest slide.

Gotta go up it again right away!

After she finally got tired of the slide/bounce house it was time for the barrel ride!  She's an old pro at this since she went on the cow barrel ride the weekend before.  This one wasn't as cool since it wasn't painted like a cow or on a farm next to a corn maze but it was still fun!  She was a big girl and rode all by herself.

Our little girl taking off (2nd from the end)

Hi sweet girl!

It was a great morning watching her have so much fun!  Later in the week I said something about going to the pumpkin patch and she said "I ride horsey.  Animals were hungry Mommy.  The turtle ate grass.  and dirt.  I go on slide.  Bounce"  I swear, she's SO smart!  She remembered all of those things days later and was just as excited telling me about it again.  Love her.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hocus Pocus Fun

Ok, so it's going to take me forever to catch up on October because as you will see, we were VERY busy!  We did something fun and fall related every single weekend!  One weekend CiCi came to visit while Papa was out of town.  Austin also happened to be gone that Friday night so CiCi and I took Hannah up to the pavilion near the house where they were having a Hocus Pocus family night with activities and music.  It was so much fun!  We started off at dinner where Hannah enjoyed an ice cream cone as you can see.  :)

Then we walked over to the pavilion and she got to pet a horsey.  She was pretty happy about that. 

Once we got inside there were people in costumes everywhere.  This little girl impresses me daily.  You'd think as a two year old, seeing Beetlejuice would at least freak you out a little.  Not Hannah.  She just kept staring at him like "what's wrong with your head man?"

Same with Frankenstein

She wanted to wear her own mask.  :)

They had so much fun stuff for little kids.  She painted a pumpkin...

met a huge cow....again not scared, just like "what's this cow doing holding me?"

and decorated a pumpkin with stickers!  They were handing out all of this stuff for free!  The entire event was free which was awesome!

So proud of her pumpkin!

You know, it's really too bad that my child has no personality...  ;)  Haha.  She's so much fun!

Hannah, the tree cone hugger.

When we were walking around the lawn she spotted a bear.  It was actually a teenage boy who was so sweet to play with her.  She wanted his nose.  And his pizza.  Ha.

After a while I went back to the front to get our picture they took when we walked in.  Check out that sweet smile.

After running ALL OVER the lawn for a while it was time to rest and wait for our friends to arrive.

They're here!  Lina and Hannah ready for the concert

As you can see, very little of the concert was actually watched.

Chris is just WAY too much fun!

Such a cutie!

Chris was kept busy.  :)

Then we took our hint that it was time to go home.  When your child wraps herself up in the lawn blanket, you leave.  :)

Tired girl on the way back to the car with CiCi.

It was such a fun night!

Family of the Month!

Back in SEPTEMBER (yes, I know it's now November, I forgot about this until just now) Hannah's school chose us as the Family of the Month!  Really all this means is you get featured on the bulletin board that is in the lobby but still, that's pretty special.  :)

Here's our board full of pics of our silly girl and a few with Mommy and Daddy.

They asked me to fill out a form for information and they took some of that and featured it here.

As you can see, this girl LOVES her school!!  She's very busy everyday playing, crafting and learning.  In September she also got moved up to the two year old classroom and at first I was not that thrilled because it was so different having her in a more structured class but now I LOVE it.  She learns SO much!!  We're seriously amazed with the things she learns.

One more thing since we're on the subject of Hannah's school...  Everyday we get a sheet of her activities, etc and this note was on the bottom of her sheet one day last week.  Awesome. 

Yes Hannah, you do have boobies.  Everyone has boobies but lets please not talk about it at lunch.  Thanks.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Fun On The Farm

Back at the beginning of October we drove out to a farm not far from the house for a morning of running around, getting dirty and having fun!  It's a working farm that opens up on the weekends during the fall and has lots of activities for kids to do.  It was our first time going and we will definitely be going back for many years, Hannah had the BEST time!!  We got to run through a corn maze, ride on a cow barrel ride, slide down slides, jump on hay stacks, jump on a bouncy pillow thing and race ducks in water.  There was even more to do that our little two year old isn't quite big enough for.  We got there when they opened so it was almost empty!

Check out her sweet face when she spotted the cow ride!  Love it.

Mommy look, cows!

She was very interested.

So of course, that was the first thing we did once they opened.

Mommy the farmer with Hannah the cute cow. 

Daddy, what are you doing there?!

We told Hannah that we were going in the corn maze and she thought we were just walking straight in!

Pretty girl all ready for the maze!

She LOVED it!

After walking through the maze for a while we headed over to the slides.  Of course Hannah only had an interest in the biggest slides.  She's not a baby you know.  ;)  Her face is priceless.  Just pure joy!

I want to bounce now!

I have no idea what she was saying here but this picture cracks me up.  I think she was asking her Daddy to bounce with her.

So he did.  :)

Our big girl climbing all over the spider web thing.

Riding the seesaw with Mommy!

On our way out of the farm before Hannah's last cow ride!

Hi Mommy!

Hannah and Austin had the ride all to themselves this time.  Check out Austin with this "no hands!" on the hill.  So funny.


We all had a great time!  I've learned very quickly that if you want to avoid a crowd anywhere, show up as soon as they open.  Works every time.  So far.   :)

Lots more of October fun activities to blog about soon!