Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Family of the Month!

Back in SEPTEMBER (yes, I know it's now November, I forgot about this until just now) Hannah's school chose us as the Family of the Month!  Really all this means is you get featured on the bulletin board that is in the lobby but still, that's pretty special.  :)

Here's our board full of pics of our silly girl and a few with Mommy and Daddy.

They asked me to fill out a form for information and they took some of that and featured it here.

As you can see, this girl LOVES her school!!  She's very busy everyday playing, crafting and learning.  In September she also got moved up to the two year old classroom and at first I was not that thrilled because it was so different having her in a more structured class but now I LOVE it.  She learns SO much!!  We're seriously amazed with the things she learns.

One more thing since we're on the subject of Hannah's school...  Everyday we get a sheet of her activities, etc and this note was on the bottom of her sheet one day last week.  Awesome. 

Yes Hannah, you do have boobies.  Everyone has boobies but lets please not talk about it at lunch.  Thanks.

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Stephanie said...

LOL, the boobies story is hilarious!!