Friday, November 8, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

The weekend after CiCi came to visit she came back with Papa and we had lots of fun!  Saturday morning we headed to the church outside our neighborhood (where Hannah was baptized last year) for their annual Pumpkin Fest.  This little girl right here had the BEST time! 

We started off trying to get some cute pictures.  Yeah....that's a lot harder to do with a two year old than with a baby.

Us with our little pumpkin

Um, excuse me Miss Hannah but don't ever push away Mommy's kisses!

Haha, love her faces!

Our sweet little pumpkin

Love her!

So, I ditched the camera at this point and only took around my phone for pics.  Hannah got to ride on her first pony!  She loved it.

Even though her face looked like this....

She was a happy girl!

Next we headed to the petting zoo

First time I've seen a giant turtle in a petting zoo but hey, whatever floats your boat.  It was actually Hannah's favorite animal.

She was very interested in him eating grass.

Feeding the llama!

And then the majority of time was spent either here or in the bounce house next to it.  My child has NO fear and always goes for the biggest slide.

Gotta go up it again right away!

After she finally got tired of the slide/bounce house it was time for the barrel ride!  She's an old pro at this since she went on the cow barrel ride the weekend before.  This one wasn't as cool since it wasn't painted like a cow or on a farm next to a corn maze but it was still fun!  She was a big girl and rode all by herself.

Our little girl taking off (2nd from the end)

Hi sweet girl!

It was a great morning watching her have so much fun!  Later in the week I said something about going to the pumpkin patch and she said "I ride horsey.  Animals were hungry Mommy.  The turtle ate grass.  and dirt.  I go on slide.  Bounce"  I swear, she's SO smart!  She remembered all of those things days later and was just as excited telling me about it again.  Love her.

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