Monday, November 4, 2013

Fun On The Farm

Back at the beginning of October we drove out to a farm not far from the house for a morning of running around, getting dirty and having fun!  It's a working farm that opens up on the weekends during the fall and has lots of activities for kids to do.  It was our first time going and we will definitely be going back for many years, Hannah had the BEST time!!  We got to run through a corn maze, ride on a cow barrel ride, slide down slides, jump on hay stacks, jump on a bouncy pillow thing and race ducks in water.  There was even more to do that our little two year old isn't quite big enough for.  We got there when they opened so it was almost empty!

Check out her sweet face when she spotted the cow ride!  Love it.

Mommy look, cows!

She was very interested.

So of course, that was the first thing we did once they opened.

Mommy the farmer with Hannah the cute cow. 

Daddy, what are you doing there?!

We told Hannah that we were going in the corn maze and she thought we were just walking straight in!

Pretty girl all ready for the maze!

She LOVED it!

After walking through the maze for a while we headed over to the slides.  Of course Hannah only had an interest in the biggest slides.  She's not a baby you know.  ;)  Her face is priceless.  Just pure joy!

I want to bounce now!

I have no idea what she was saying here but this picture cracks me up.  I think she was asking her Daddy to bounce with her.

So he did.  :)

Our big girl climbing all over the spider web thing.

Riding the seesaw with Mommy!

On our way out of the farm before Hannah's last cow ride!

Hi Mommy!

Hannah and Austin had the ride all to themselves this time.  Check out Austin with this "no hands!" on the hill.  So funny.


We all had a great time!  I've learned very quickly that if you want to avoid a crowd anywhere, show up as soon as they open.  Works every time.  So far.   :)

Lots more of October fun activities to blog about soon!

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Anonymous said...

We took Hannah's cousin, Leah and Haley, in the next few weeks for the day. Kelly said it would be fun and boy was she right! Loads of fun.