Friday, July 26, 2013

Five On Friday

Hey y'all, I'm linking up again with Darci from The Good Life Blog for her Five On Friday! 


So, last week went by SUPER slow and this week I haven't been sure what day it is because it's all running together!  Ha.  Anyways, here's five thinks that kept me entertained this week.  :)


Taking this girl to get some two year old pictures done.  NOT an easy task but between her Daddy and me, we managed to get a few good ones.  And yes, taking a picture of a picture is super awesome, I'm high tech like that.  ;)


Hannah got to meet Mickey and Minnie!  She was SO excited to see Minnie as you can see her running towards her for a hug!  Mickey was a big plus but she was all about the Minnie.  They even had a little game of peek-a-boo.  Sweetness.  She could have stayed there ALL DAY LONG!


Two 30-something adults putting together toddler puzzles like we were being timed.  It was serious business but if anyone could do it, it would be my sister and me.  We rock at puzzles.  Even 3D ones.  I need to have a little conversation with the makers of any 3D puzzles because they should be outlawed.  Just sayin'....


Watching Toy Story on the coffee table.  She thought I wasn't paying attention (and maybe, just maybe I wasn't because I really have no idea how long she was up there) but she was wrong, I caught her. 


The royal baby.  I can't help it, I'm borderline obsessed for some reason.  I really didn't care too much throughout the entire pregnancy but when they announced she was in labor on Monday I couldn't stop checking for updates.  She looks amazing by the way.  And who doesn't love a sweet newborn baby?

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I'll be busy finishing up birthday party preparations!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

4th of July

We had a GREAT 4th of July weekend!  We started off Thursday by taking some pics of our little cutie in the backyard before heading out to a friends house for the afternoon.  Clearly, Hannah wanted her picture taken....  Isn't her little shirt so cute?  That's her handprint, she had a lot of fun helping Mommy make it.

Here is the original shirt...  I can't get it to rotate so it's sideways but you get the idea.  It was never finished because after painting the fourth blue stripe on it Austin brought it to my attention that the stripes on the American flag are red and the stars are blue.  Ummm....I totally knew that.  Duh.  This was just my practice shirt.  ;)

Happy 4th of July from our little firecracker!  From the smirk on her face in this picture she deserved the firecracker title that day. :)

Trying to get a pic of Hannah and Daddy 

As soon as we got to our friends house and Hannah saw the pool it was on.  She immediately sat down and started taking her shoes off saying "Pease Mommy.  Pease." asking me so nicely to let her swim.  That was her Daddy's job for the next THREE hours!  She didn't get out of that pool for anything until it was time to eat!  I'm so happy we have a little water baby!

Family picture before pool time!

She loved the American flags everywhere.

Pulling in all the pool floats

So much fun!

On Saturday we headed down to Galveston to spend the day with our family at my Aunt's bayhouse.  Hannah was dressed for the occasion. 

All the girls!

Pops and Hannah.  It really wasn't even that hot right next to the water but this girl gets SO red when she's playing outside!

Putting her sunglasses on the pelican.  So nice to share.

Can you believe it?!  Hair!!!  And curls!!  I love it!

The best picture we could get of Mommy and Hannah.  And her plate.

Silly girl putting her parade decorations on her face.

Leah yelled "Hannah, lets go to sleep on the stairs!"  So they did.  ;)  You like how Hannah fake sleeps?  At least Leah pretends to sleep in a normal position because I promise you, Hannah doesn't sleep just face down at home.  Ha.

Trying to get comfortable on their "comfy beds".

Haha.  It's so cute to watch them play together.

Hugs!  Apparently Leah likes to snuggle.

Then it was pool time!  We brought our pool from home for them to play in. 


So much fun!

After swimming we headed to the neighborhood parade!

Hannah and Haley were ready to go in their decked out wagon!

Parked on the side of the road just waiting for all the action.  We took three different forms of transportation, a wagon, a golf cart and Pops' truck so everyone would have a place to sit.

Tracy ready for the parade!

A few beads were thrown before the parade got started, the girls loved it.

Lainey and Hannah

Pops with Hannah, Joseph and Bella

The beginning of the parade. 

There were all kinds of entertaining vehicles in it!  This one played carnival type music.

This fire truck carried Uncle Sam

This was a party bus throwing fun stuff

And a golf cart of red solo cups!

Look at Miss Sassy's stance.  All the kids were so cute, they LOVED running after all the stuff the parade people were throwing!  It was so fun!

Picking up their prizes

This was taken not even 10 mins into the drive home.  I'd say it was a fun day!

And we can't forget this girl!  We were dog sitting all the dogs while my parents and Tracy were in Galveston for the weekend.  Minnie turned 9 on July 4th so we had a little celebration for her back at our house.  :)  She was super excited as you can see.

Then on Sunday this happened....This is the scratch I talked about earlier that led us to buying her big girl bed earlier than we expected.  Miss Hannah just flipped right out of her bed and hit her face on the night stand.  Poor baby!  She didn't let it slow her down of course.

I hope everyone had a great holiday!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Five On Friday

Today I'm linking up to Darci over at The Good Life Blog for her Five On Friday!

This Friday could NOT get here soon enough!  It's like this week was in slow motion for some reason.  But, these five things kept me going and made me smile!

Someone got a big girl bed this weekend!  It was out of necessity since she literally flipped out of her crib and scratched her cute little face up the weekend before.  She LOVES it and has been in heaven every night.  Mommy may/may not have shed a little tear now that her baby is not really a baby anymore...  Check out her proud face when she first got on her new bed.

Hannah's awesome babysitter tagged a picture on FB of the first time she watched Hannah when she was six months old!  O-M-G who is that little chubby baby?!  And the hair!!  I always forget just how bald she really was for so long!

This girl.  Her personality is just so awesome.  This morning she was saying to me "Hannah sleeping Mommy.  Shhhh."  All while having one eye open watching me. ;)  I love how she "sleeps" with her legs crossed, arms at her face and Minnie purse in her lap. 

Date night!  Thanks to my in-laws, Austin and I got to go out to dinner Saturday night!  RARE happening in our house!  We had a great time and ate some yummy food!  All while not having to rush because someone wants to run around the restaurant like a crazy little munchkin.  Side note: Hello self tanner, have we met?  I'm the ghost in the picture.  Someone needs to head to the store ASAP to take care of this problem!  You'd think it was winter or something with how pale I am! 

Tea parties with my sweet girl.  LOVE!  Not much is sweeter than having a tea party on the floor before bedtime.  Notice the pink socks?  She's obsessed.  They came with the above mentioned bedding on her big girl bed and she puts them on ALL THE TIME!  She loves them.  They are a beautiful shade of hot pink that has in the past week shedded itself all over our house.

An added bonus.  Here are the socks again.  ;)  What can I say??  She rocks the socks-to-your-knees look.

Have a great weekend everyone!