Monday, July 15, 2013

What Not To Take To Denver...

Two weeks ago we packed up and headed to Denver Colorado for a long weekend.  I was soooo excited to get away and visit our old neighbors who moved away a few months ago.  I wasn't going to let ANYTHING get in the way of this trip!  If we had to cancel, I would have cried and I know Hazel would have been right there with me.  We were scheduled to leave Thursday around lunch time (and nap time).  Tuesday afternoon I got the call from daycare saying that Hannah had thrown up.  That's super weird, I think she may have thrown up once or twice before that.  Anyways, they said there was a stomach bug going around.  Great.  So, we get home and sure enough, the poor thing threw up for about six hours.  Then she was done, all better!  I was terrified that either Austin or I were going to get it like Thursday morning when we need to get on a plane.  I washed my hands like a mad woman for the next 48 hours and drank tons of vitamin filled fruit drinks trying to avoid getting sick.  Luckily we made it to Denver and felt great on Thursday!  And then Thursday night around 10pm I just suddenly started feeling sick completely out of the blue.  I was pretty much the same as Hannah and by the morning it had passed but I didn't feel great.  Austin got his turn with the bug around 5am Saturday morning so he was out for the count until mid day Saturday.  Then after we left Colorado on Sunday we left them a little present....the stomach bug.  Kyle and Hazel both got it on Monday.  Oops!  I said we're either the worst house guests ever or the best depending if you wanted to lose 5lbs in a day or not.  ;)  But even with all that, we still had SO much fun and were so happy to get to visit them (our plans just turned out a little differently than we expected)!

Pops dropped us off at the airport and we had some time to kill and we wanted to wear this girl OUT!  Our hopes were that she would play hard and then pass out on the two hour plane ride.  Ha!  Did NOT happen!  But, she did play hard!  See that loooong hall in the picture?  She ran up and down that thing several times.  Full speed.  

Daddy, I push!  She wanted to push the stroller everywhere.  When she wasn't running that is. 

Moving!  That's what Hannah called the conveyer belt thing.  Everytime she saw one she said "moving!" and ran over to it.  She LOVED those things.  I lost count how many times we went on a "moving" that day.  It was great entertainment. :)

Shamelessly taking advantage of books at the airport book store that we knew we weren't going to buy.  ;)

She was great on the plane!  She just had no interest in napping.  We took our portable DVD player and I had a backpack full of Mickey, Elmo and other movies.  Twenty minutes into our flight the DVD player quit working.  Yeah, that happened.  So, luckily I had a few things on my iPad that kept her entertained when she was done coloring, reading books, snacking, etc.  That flight was exhausting and she didn't even cry!  I was all excited to start reading a new book on the flight, HA, that was a funny thought... I still haven't started the book. :(

Hannah was super excited to be on the train at the Denver airport!  Seriously, could she be any cuter?!

Once we got to Denver and met up with Hazel and Mallory we headed to the park!  They live in an awesome area of town where you can walk to many different shops, restaurants and parks.  Thursday was the only day that the weather was warm, it was 90 degrees but zero humidity so it was still awesome to us.  No mosquitoes either!!  LOVE that!!

Hannah swinging on the big kid swing!  Everyone at the park was so impressed with her.  :)

After the park we walked over to an awesome burger place.  They give the kids soft serve ice cream and Hannah, being the non sweet eater because her parents are mean and give her fruit all the time, L-O-V-E-D IT.  Could not get enough.  It was very entertaining.

This is so good Mommy!

More pease Daddy!  She finished her ice cream cone in the amount of time that Mallory ate like 3 bites.

Friday morning Hannah woke up and just made herself comfortable!  Haha!

Friday we just hung out around the house so the girls could play while I recovered from the night before.  Friday evening we had big plans!  We headed to the athletic club that they are members of for a clam bake!  It was beautiful weather and a great time!  It was on the rooftop of the club.

Hazel, Mallory, Hannah and me 

Townsends party of three!

YUMMY!  I don't eat clams or oysters but I ate some good seafood!  There was tons of food that I didn't even get to.

Trying to get a pic of the three of us.  Hannah's so silly.

Here she was pushing Daddy out of the picture!  Ha!

Mallory is so funny, the girl LOVES her some oysters!

The weather in Denver is so strange.  It will get cloudy and thunder and then you get like 5 drops of rain.  It was thundering and I said to Hazel "are they going to make us go inside?" and she laughed.  She said it's not like Texas where when it thunders you're about to get a storm. 

Checking out the clouds

This is my favorite picture of the entire trip!  Makes me laugh SOOOO hard!  This little boy was chasing Hannah around and her face is priceless!  It's like she's screaming "O.M.G. this boy is chasing me!!!"

They had a great band playing and the girls had SO much fun dancing for hours!  For about 10 minutes it got SUPER windy and eventually the tents over the band blew up and tried to blow over the rooftop but luckily were tied down.  It was chaos for a minute and pretty scary because kids were all over the place.  Austin was holding Hannah and she said "Oh Toodles!" when it happened.  I died laughing.  Toodles of course would know how to fix the tents!  Hahaha!

They had a photographer there and he got these next two pics.  I love this one!

Austin and me with the girls

Saturday morning we all (minus Austin who was getting sick) headed to breakfast and Kyle and Hazel pointed out the original Chipotle.  Right next to it is a sign for the store that sells "herbal" medicines.  It made me laugh.  Only in Denver!

We then headed to Target to get a replacement DVD player because we weren't about to get on a plane again without one!  I took this picture of Kyle while he pretended to be mad that we were totally ruining his game by sticking him with two toddlers while Hazel and I shopped.  :)

Then we headed to the foothills so we could take the girls to Tiny Town!  Not a bad drive...

We got to Tiny Town which was only about 30 minutes away from Denver and it was probably 10 degrees cooler!  So nice!  Apparently, it is world famous according to the sign.  It is pretty cool, it started with a dad who made his daughter these little buildings back in 1915 and from there people have added on, replicating other buildings.  Hannah loved it!

All the little buildings were so cool!

Sadly, Austin didn't get to make it to Tiny Town since he was still under the weather but Hannah checked out all the flowers for him.

I spy Hannah in the Denver Fire Station!

One of the highlights for the kids is the train that goes around the town.  I don't know how anyone could sit in this tiny little confined caboose.  It was a big hit with the kids though.

Hannah was really into looking inside the buildings.  They were all decorated too!

She said "Hannah stuck!"  Haha! 

Just more proof she is our daughter, she went up to Soapy Smith's bar and said "door open!" ;)

There was a cute little school house with a playground next to it.  It is super old and Hannah saw the swingset and said "swing broken Mommy!"  She's so smart.

The Dr Seuss house!

Inside the house were different themed Dr Suess rooms.  This one was the Grinch.

Hannah and Mommy posing by a mansion fit for a doll.

Oh this windmill....  Some of the buildings you could go into.  This was the last one I let her go into because she did NOT want to come out!  She LOVED playing inside this so much that eventually I had to go in and get her out.


Having a blast dancing in the windmill!

And then rolling around in it...  ???

Some of the cute little buildings

Tiny Town is big!

After touring the town it was time for a train ride!  Hannah rode with Kyle and Hazel and Mallory rode together.  I took pictures.  :)

You don't get these views in our part of Texas!

The sweet girls

Heading home!

After getting naps and Austin coming back alive we headed down the street to dinner.  Once again Kyle got stuck with the the duty of pushing the girls.  :)  Notice how Hannah is behind Mallory and kind of close to the seat in front of her?

Yeah....Kyle hit a small bump on the sidewalk and Hannah hit her eye.  She wasn't too happy and Kyle was pretty upset but she was all good!  Just a little swollen eye.

The girls having fun after dinner.

Sunday morning we loaded up and headed back home!  Hannah and Daddy were having lots of fun waiting through the security line.

We had so much fun but were ready to be home again!

This girl did great on the plane ride again but of course, she didn't nap.  Lainey and Pops picked us up from the airport and about 10 minutes from home she passed out.  Typical.

It was a great trip (minus the stomach bug) and hopefully we get to make it back next year!

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