Tuesday, July 16, 2013

23 Months Old!

Sweet girl you are 23 months old!  Only one more month until you are TWO!!  Why does time fly so quickly?!  Your Mommy is having a hard time with this.  You have really grown a lot this month it seems.  You are talking in small sentences and running pretty much everywhere. 

Looking so big next to your lamb.  Check out that mysterious little grin you have going on these days...

This was you just one year ago.  So hard to believe!  Who is that baby?!

Mommy, you want my spoon?

You are SO big now!  I took you to the dr last week for a mystery rash and you were
Weight: 27lbs 8oz (67%)
Height: 35.5" (94%) I don't think she measured you right, that would mean you grew 1.5" in a month...
Head: 19.25" (87%)

You are definitely showing your personality this month!  When you don't like something you just say NO.  Doesn't work out for you in the end which you are understanding more now.  Most days you are super sweet and good but other days you and the time out corner really get to know each other.  If you say something that's not nice or say no and Mommy says not to say that you will look at me and say "I sorry Mommy.  Hug."  It's so sweet so I can't be upset with you for whatever it is you were doing.  You are very polite!

You love to play with all your toys.  You don't really have a favorite toy that I've noticed but you certainly LOVE books!  You could sit there and read books all by yourself for an hour and then you could come sit on our laps having us read you book after book for a long time after that.

You are super silly!  You just have the best time doing anything!  You still LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Elmo.  You are starting to really like Sophia the First also, you say "Mommy watch 'Ophia!"  When I ask you if you want to watch a movie you get excited and run to the living room saying "moomie!  moomie!"  So far the only movie you've sat through from beginning to end is Brave.  You just this week started repeating names twice like "Hi Mommy Mommy!" "Brody Brody hush!"  It's so funny.  You also really like speaking in 3rd person.  "Hannah running!  Hannah watch a moomie!"  Super cute.

You had a BIG transition this weekend, you moved to a big girl bed!!  It was out of necessity because the weekend before you decided during naptime to just flip right out of your crib.  You hit your face on the night stand so we decided it wasn't safe anymore.  Like all other big transitions, I worried how you would handle it and just like always, you amazed us with your ability to adapt to new situations.  You were SO excited when you saw your big girl bed!  You said "My bed Mommy.  Hannah's bed"  I'll do another post on it but it went great and you haven't lost any sleep being in the new bed!  You seriously amaze me.

Hannah Lee, your Daddy and I love you SOOOOO much!  You are the sweetest little girl and even on more challenging days you are the best part of our day!  In less than a month you are going to be a big two year old!

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