Friday, July 26, 2013

Five On Friday

Hey y'all, I'm linking up again with Darci from The Good Life Blog for her Five On Friday! 


So, last week went by SUPER slow and this week I haven't been sure what day it is because it's all running together!  Ha.  Anyways, here's five thinks that kept me entertained this week.  :)


Taking this girl to get some two year old pictures done.  NOT an easy task but between her Daddy and me, we managed to get a few good ones.  And yes, taking a picture of a picture is super awesome, I'm high tech like that.  ;)


Hannah got to meet Mickey and Minnie!  She was SO excited to see Minnie as you can see her running towards her for a hug!  Mickey was a big plus but she was all about the Minnie.  They even had a little game of peek-a-boo.  Sweetness.  She could have stayed there ALL DAY LONG!


Two 30-something adults putting together toddler puzzles like we were being timed.  It was serious business but if anyone could do it, it would be my sister and me.  We rock at puzzles.  Even 3D ones.  I need to have a little conversation with the makers of any 3D puzzles because they should be outlawed.  Just sayin'....


Watching Toy Story on the coffee table.  She thought I wasn't paying attention (and maybe, just maybe I wasn't because I really have no idea how long she was up there) but she was wrong, I caught her. 


The royal baby.  I can't help it, I'm borderline obsessed for some reason.  I really didn't care too much throughout the entire pregnancy but when they announced she was in labor on Monday I couldn't stop checking for updates.  She looks amazing by the way.  And who doesn't love a sweet newborn baby?

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I'll be busy finishing up birthday party preparations!

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Stephanie said...

Can't believe it's time for two year old pictures already!! Looks like you got some good ones though. And who doesn't like watching movies on the table? That's my choice of prime seating! :)