Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I love Instagram.  It's super easy and fast and it's more private than FB.  I post pics usually daily/weekly on there.   You've seen a few of the pics here but some are new so I figured I'll add them in one post.  Some of these date back as far as May. 

This is one of my favs!  Hannah just relaxing with her arms behind her head like Daddy.

Silly girl super excited to be shopping with Mommy!  Indoors, with her shades on.

Later in the day still sporting her shades.  It bight Mommy, it bight.

Seriously, she loves them.

She also loves to swing!

Just hanging out at a restaurant.  I tried to get a cute pic of us together but she's just too fast for the camera!  Or for Mommy....

Heading to the park!

Some days Hannah just doesn't want to nap at school.  On this particular day she passed out on the way home so I went to get a yummy drink and read a magazine in my car while she took a little siesta.  It was a win-win situation.

First hibachi experience!  So serious!

I love my silly girl!

Hannah trying to force her big shoe on Emma's tiny little foot.  Emma couldn't crawl just yet.  Now she can so I don't think she would have stuck around long enough to let Hannah try this.

Road trip!  I told Hannah to smile for the camera and this is what I got.  Haha!
Playing at Aunt Rachel's house!

She loves pillows.  That's all.

Hannah letting me know that my morning radio choices are not her favorites.  Thanks Hannah.

Does this hat make my belly look big Mommy?


It's a rough life Hannah....

Hannah kept yelling "A! A!" and I finally realized she was talking about the A shape on the swing set!  She's super smart.  :)

Who's ready to party??

About a month ago we had one of those weeks....the kind where just about everything goes wrong.  This right here was the icing on the cake of my week.

Swimming!  Her favorite thing to do!

I love this.  She sleeps so strangly and loved to put her feet in the slats even when she wore a sleep sack.

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping toddler.  As you can see, she was holding her water cup and snack cup while sleeping.

We had a girls weekend a few weeks ago, fun times for Mommy in Gruene!  :)

At the Denver airport heading home!

One of my all time favorite pictures.  O-M-G Mommy, a BOY is chasing me!!

Happy 4th of July from my sweet/mischievous daughter.  She most definitely was more mischievous than sweet on this day!  Haha!

Ready for the parade in her decked out wagon!

This was last Sunday.  In a few hours she managed to FLIP out of her crib and scratch her face up, get put in time out FIVE times and "hid" from us behind the little house so she wouldn't have to go to bed.  Awe, the two's are beginning...


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