Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Infertility Awareness Week

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week and I was honored when Houston Moms Blog asked me to participate as a guest blogger in their series for the week.  I wrote (the short version) of our infertility struggles there and have been overwhelmed with the responses I've received.  

Feel free to stop by and read our story!

Thank you Houston Moms Blog for having me contribute!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Townsend2014 Month 3

March was a busy and fun month for us!  I just now realized since it's April 8th that I never loaded our daily Instagram pics.

Day 60: Road trip!

Day 61: Eight years ago today Austin asked me to marry him.  Best decision ever.  Today we walked around the grocery store with a toddler constantly hugging my neck so I could barely walk.

Day 62: Making faces at Mommy while waiting her turn in gymnastics.  She is so funny!

Day 63: When it's cold so you can't play outside, you just go for a ride on Daddy around the house!

Day 64: She found "my H!"

Day 65: Silly girl just can't smile for Mommy!

Day 66: This little girl is so silly!

Day 67: Best morning ever at the livestock show! 

Day 68: Watching a cooking show while running.  That's normal, right??

Day 69: The morning she wanted to put on makeup with Mommy. 

Day 70: The "I'm watching Sofia Mommy so here's my fake smile.  Please stop asking me to say CHEESE" face!

Day 71: I picked this sweet girl up today and she said "Mommy, I misses you".

Day 72: Hannah was so excited to get her and Emma dolls for their 1st road trip together!

Day 73: Girls road trip!

Day 74: Hannah's 1st baby shower!

Day 75: The day we dressed alike.  (Not on purpose I swear)

Day 76: Happy St Patrick's Day!

Day 77: No words.

Day 78: When I picked this sweet girl up she said "Mommy, I'm excited you're here".

Day 79: Ready for my first 5k!

Day 80: Happy Friday!! She asked me to take her picture when we stopped for gas this morning.

Day 81: I did it!!  First 5k done in 36 mins!

Day 82: Celebrating 7 years of marriage!

Day 83: Love this girl!

Day 84: Celebrating her first day of wearing big girl underwear!  NO accidents!!  She earned her frozen yogurt!

Day 85: What do you mean I have a lot of stickers on??

Day 86: Watching the rain!

Day 87: Watching the rain with Daddy tonight!

Day 88: Play dates make the best days!!

Day 89: Beautiful morning run!

Day 90: Ready for gymnastics class!  Amulet and all...

So that was March for the most part!  Follow me on Instagram @kelly28a