Sunday, January 31, 2010

Full House

Our Dallas friends came in town this weekend so the girls could all attend Katie's shower. 
 We had a full house! 
 Wade decided he wanted to take B home with him. NOT HAPPENING! They did snuggle a lot though. :)

Saturday night we had 17 of our closest friends over for some good food and fun. We had a great time. You can tell from the pictures that at the beginning of the night Leah was the entertainment and at the end of the night the boys were the entertainment. They sure did entertain us!

Jackie & Leah meeting for the 1st time!

Meg & Leah meeting

Amber & Leah are old friends by now :)

Ok, this is Tracy's thing. She loves to "pop" into pictures making funny faces. It's like the Where's Waldo to find her in pictures looking goofy.

Great picture of Leah and her Lainey!

Night night time for Leah! She sure doesn't look like she wants to go to bed...

Yeah! Lindsey made it in time to see Leah before she went to bed! This picture was taken about 30 seconds after Lindsey got in the door, she was a tad excited to meet little Leah.

Katie with her girl Gabby

Wade, Meg, Derek & Lindsey waiting on Austin to finish smoking the ribs and chickens. It was worth the wait, it all was tasty, Austin knows how to cook some good stuff!

Bryan, Jacs, Katie & Box hanging out

Beautiful flowers that Jackie brought and Pig brought for me! So sweet.

Box & Austin being Box & Austin. Not sure what's going on...

B was so sleepy and was super comfy in Meg's jacket

Lindsey, Katie & Box. Nice face buddy!

Box & Wade giving Brody some lovin'. Grown men at their finest!

Oh Box....

Derek & Box are now apparently BFFs. Ha!

Wade wanted to get in bed with Brody. B wasn't too impressed with this idea.

Austin & Box dancing. I have so much video footage of them "entertaining us". They're crazy.  I would have loved to share with y'all some of that video but I was told by one of the "stars" that he didn't want everyone to see it.  Ha!  Maybe he should have thought about that before the dancing began!  ;)  It's priceless.

We had such a fun weekend with many memorable moments! We have stories with one of the guys sleepwalking and removing clothes along the way, a little "one act play" that confused everyone except for the "actor" and lots of good, hard laughs! I love all my Dallas friends and wish I could see them more, can't wait until next time!

It's Shower Time!

One of my best friends Katie, is getting married to one of Austin's best friends Kris in April!  We have so much fun together and I was happy to help host a bridal shower for her this Saturday.

The theme was cupcakes and cocktails so we had lots of both!

Beautiful flowers with the happy couple's pictures

The Trocquet ladies

Katie got some great gifts for their home!

Katie with her bow bouquet

Future sister-in-laws!

UNT girls
Katie, Jackie, Meg and I all lived on the same floor of West Hall 9 years ago!

Katie, me and Amanda

We had such a good time just hanging out with the girls  :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend Fun

We had a fun and relaxing weekend, lots of Autrey time just hanging out.  Tracy and Leah spent the weekend at our parents house while Ryan was off with the boys skiing (Leah is going to be SOOO happy to see her Daddy today!).  All of us went out to dinner Friday and then lunch Saturday with our parents and Leah and that sweet baby girl would NOT let go of her toy!  It was so cute.  Tracy was strolling her to the car and she was just chillin' holding her arm in the air.

Such a happy baby!

We did a little shopping and Leah had the best time just hanging out!  She was just kicking her legs and talking away.  And drooling all over the place....

Lainey & Pops got Leah a new swing for her overnight visit and she loved it!  :)

Saturday night was Tracy's 1st night without Leah!  She stayed the night with Austin and me and the 3 of us went to see Avatar.  If you haven't seen it yet, you should GO!  While it's still in 3D at the movie theater for sure.  It's like moving art, seriously, but we all decided that no matter how good a movie is, it should never run over 2 hours!  Going to the movies is always fun but I'm wondering how long the theater has been hiding their SUPER nice 3D theater room from all of us because the chairs are leather and bigger, the actual theater is about twice the size of a regular one and there is more leg room (not that I need that...)!  Seriously, it was the Taj Mahal of movie theaters in there!

Here Tracy and I are wearing our super cool 3D glasses!  ;)  Even those are nice!  We expected the old school paper-like ones but now they are like real sunglasses!  Must be why the tickets were $14 each....

Thanks Autrey fam for such a fun weekend!  :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's For Dinner?

Last night I made a yummy pizza.  Austin was getting home late from work so I sent him a picture of what he was missing.  When he got home and ate it he said it was so pretty and good that I needed to blog about it.  Ha!  Keep in mind, this is the husband that usually doesn't even read this blog....

So anyways, since he suggested it I figured I'd share it with you guys!
This picture was taken with my iPhone so it's not very good.

I started with refrigerated thin crust pizza dough and baked that for about 5 minutes.  Then I topped it with basil pesto sauce, prosciutto, sliced mozzerella (I sliced up a block of it, not the pre-sliced kind), fresh spinach leaves, sliced tomatoes, black olives and sprinkled parmesean cheese.  Then I baked it for about another 10-12 minutes.  It was TASTY!  Super quick and easy too.  

So Austin, if you do actually read this, this post is for you!  :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hanging with Leah

Last Friday night I stayed at Tracy's because I had wedding festivities that were all on her side of town.  That meant I got lots of Leah time on Saturday morning!  It's her favorite time of the day so I got lots of great pictures of the happy girl.  :)

Here she was helping us measure for pancakes.  She's such a big help!  ;)

Check out her face watching Tracy stir the batter.  She really wanted some of that!

Sticking her tongue out at Aunt Kelly while I was getting her rice cereal ready

Rice cereal.  YUMMY!

Leah wanted to feed herself.  She's a big girl!

This is what happens when a 5 month old tries to feed herself.....  Actually this is what happens when ANYONE tries to feed this hungry girl!

Too cool for school

I just can't get over how big she is getting!  She loves this thing!

Get your camera out of my face Aunt Kelly!  I'm busy!

Ryan and Tracy were there the whole time too of course, but I didn't get any picture of them!  ;)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Someone wants to play....

This morning I got out of the shower and this is what I saw.  You think Brody wanted me to play with him??  Ha!

Normally all of his toys are IN the basket.  I guess he couldn't decide which one he wanted to bring to me.  Sorry about the poor quality picture, it was taken with my phone.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mr & Mrs Smith

Saturday night one of my oldest friends, Lindsey, got married to her Mr. Right, Greg!  It was a beautiful wedding and we all had such a blast.
The festivities began on Friday when Lindsey hosted a bridal luncheon for us all.  After the rehearsal that night we headed to the rehearsal dinner, it was a lot of fun and the food was GOOD!

We braved the COLD weather and all got ready for the big event!  Lindsey got us monogrammed towel cover-ups that were so cute.

Liz, doing her best model pose!

During the cocktail hour everyone got passed hors d'oeuvres (I had to look up the spelling for that!) and the bridal party was separate from everyone and some of the food was mini beef wellingtons.  I laughed and said how happy I was that we were getting that because as long as Austin and I have been together I always ask him what he wants for dinner and he ALWAYS says "beef wellington".  Well, when I got to the table I asked him how he liked it and found out the "regular guests" didn't get any!  So, I requested some just for him!  He liked it.  :)  I don't know why he made that face at it though...

Beautiful flowers and cakes

Cake time!

Speaking of cake.....the wait staff DROPPED the grooms cake on the ground!  OOPS!  It could have been a disaster but everyone was having such a good time that it just kind of happened and everyone kept dancing!

And then the dancing started!

The Autrey girls

Liz & Chris having a good time

Liz & I were saying earlier in the night how AWESOME it is to have double chins.  Seriously, it's just the BEST!  ;)  So we decided that the only wait to avoid it is to smile with your chin out.  What do you think?! Ha!  And yes, we are well aware of how dumb we look.  But that never stops Liz & me.  :)

The Autrey fam

Aggie War Hymn.  Whoop!

The bride & Tracy

The Townsend's

So, obviously my bridesmaids dress was poofy and what else do you do while wearing a poofy dress but twirl?!  It's fun, you should try it.  :)

My oldest friends!  Love all my girls

We love this face.  I really don't know why's our "sexy face" but obviously it's anything but that!  

Liz is all signed in!

Our crew

Katie & Stephen looking cute

Ok, the coolest thing about this dress was the POCKETS!  Love them!  I'm modeling them for Austin in this picture.  I had all kinds of stuff in those pockets all night.  Even a bottle of nail polish at one time!  Ha!  All bridesmaids dress should have pockets we decided.

Liz & I posing behind a layer of tulle on her dress.

There was a LOT of tulle!

We had such a great time and I'm so happy for the new Mr. & Mrs. Smith!  Congrats Lindsey & Greg!