Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hanging with Leah

Last Friday night I stayed at Tracy's because I had wedding festivities that were all on her side of town.  That meant I got lots of Leah time on Saturday morning!  It's her favorite time of the day so I got lots of great pictures of the happy girl.  :)

Here she was helping us measure for pancakes.  She's such a big help!  ;)

Check out her face watching Tracy stir the batter.  She really wanted some of that!

Sticking her tongue out at Aunt Kelly while I was getting her rice cereal ready

Rice cereal.  YUMMY!

Leah wanted to feed herself.  She's a big girl!

This is what happens when a 5 month old tries to feed herself.....  Actually this is what happens when ANYONE tries to feed this hungry girl!

Too cool for school

I just can't get over how big she is getting!  She loves this thing!

Get your camera out of my face Aunt Kelly!  I'm busy!

Ryan and Tracy were there the whole time too of course, but I didn't get any picture of them!  ;)

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