Sunday, January 31, 2010

Full House

Our Dallas friends came in town this weekend so the girls could all attend Katie's shower. 
 We had a full house! 
 Wade decided he wanted to take B home with him. NOT HAPPENING! They did snuggle a lot though. :)

Saturday night we had 17 of our closest friends over for some good food and fun. We had a great time. You can tell from the pictures that at the beginning of the night Leah was the entertainment and at the end of the night the boys were the entertainment. They sure did entertain us!

Jackie & Leah meeting for the 1st time!

Meg & Leah meeting

Amber & Leah are old friends by now :)

Ok, this is Tracy's thing. She loves to "pop" into pictures making funny faces. It's like the Where's Waldo to find her in pictures looking goofy.

Great picture of Leah and her Lainey!

Night night time for Leah! She sure doesn't look like she wants to go to bed...

Yeah! Lindsey made it in time to see Leah before she went to bed! This picture was taken about 30 seconds after Lindsey got in the door, she was a tad excited to meet little Leah.

Katie with her girl Gabby

Wade, Meg, Derek & Lindsey waiting on Austin to finish smoking the ribs and chickens. It was worth the wait, it all was tasty, Austin knows how to cook some good stuff!

Bryan, Jacs, Katie & Box hanging out

Beautiful flowers that Jackie brought and Pig brought for me! So sweet.

Box & Austin being Box & Austin. Not sure what's going on...

B was so sleepy and was super comfy in Meg's jacket

Lindsey, Katie & Box. Nice face buddy!

Box & Wade giving Brody some lovin'. Grown men at their finest!

Oh Box....

Derek & Box are now apparently BFFs. Ha!

Wade wanted to get in bed with Brody. B wasn't too impressed with this idea.

Austin & Box dancing. I have so much video footage of them "entertaining us". They're crazy.  I would have loved to share with y'all some of that video but I was told by one of the "stars" that he didn't want everyone to see it.  Ha!  Maybe he should have thought about that before the dancing began!  ;)  It's priceless.

We had such a fun weekend with many memorable moments! We have stories with one of the guys sleepwalking and removing clothes along the way, a little "one act play" that confused everyone except for the "actor" and lots of good, hard laughs! I love all my Dallas friends and wish I could see them more, can't wait until next time!

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