Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

We had the best time on NYE!  We decided to make it a low key night with some of our best friends, Katie & Box.  We started the night at our house with a few drinks and moved on to this great restaurant none of us had been to before Kobe Japanese Steakhouse.

Katie & I with our usual picture.  :)

Some pics of our chef Menu (that's his name!) and all his tricks!

When we sat down I asked Menu if he was going to put on a show for us and he sure did!  Here's some pics of us trying to catch the rice he tossed at us.  Katie & I caught ours!  :) That's just pure talent folks.

The 4 of us after dinner.  It was SOOO good!!

The future Mr. & Mrs. Ogorchock!  Only 4 months away!  Or 2 months depending on what part of the night you asked Katie...  Her math skills weren't quite up to par.  ;)

After dinner we headed to a friends party for a few hours and then back to the house just in time for the new year.  This is a piece of Brody's peanut butter cup.  FOR DOGS!  Those nibbles weren't from B though, they were from all of us!  Ha!  We had to taste it, and let me tell ya, it really tasted like people food!  I wouldn't eat it on a regular basis, but with it looking that close to people food, we HAD to try it!    

This is the white elephant gift that Austin got at Christmas in the Valley.  We put it to good use!  Thanks Elizabeth!

Katie & I ready to ring in the new year!

B and I with his 2010 cookie.

 He loved it!

On New Years day the 4 of us did pretty much nothing except eat, drink, play games & watch football (well, the boys watched football).  It was relaxing and so much fun!  Tracy, Leah & Minnie came to hang out with us in the afternoon.  I love her Happy New Year shirt!

Leaning Tower of Leah!

Rolling over!  She's such a cutie.

I hope everyone had a good New Years.  We had such a great time and I can't wait to see what 2010 brings!
Happy New Year!

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