Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Birthday Boy

I'm such a mean mom and made B wear the birthday hat on his bday, I take just about every opportunity to dress him up because I think it's funny.  ;)  There is a dog bakery down the street from our house and for special occasions I get him treats.  It's called the Barker Street Bakery and they have some really good looking stuff in there!  It looks like people food but it's all "dog safe".  He got a doughnut this year for his bday.

He may not look happy here but as soon as that hat was off he tore into that doughnut in about 30 seconds.  Happy 4th birthday little guy! 
P.S. - Austin was there for this also, I'm not the only one who thinks it's funny!  :)

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Lindsey & Greg said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Mr. B! Prissy is so excited to come see you during the Honeymoon! She's getting her hair done today so she can look her best for you!
Lots of Love,