Thursday, December 10, 2009

Say CHEESE! - Updated

On Sunday the whole family was ready to get our family pictures taken by a professional photographer outside.  Unfortunately the weather decided to change our plans.  :(  We had to reschedule the good pics for the spring time so we went for plan B since we were all dressed and together anyways.  The MALL picture place!  The pictures turned out pretty good but the quality isn't so great since I had to scan them in.

The fam

Lainey, Pops & the center of attention LEAH!  She was SO good the entire time!

Tracy, Ryan & little Leah

Leah and her sweet smile

This one is my FAV because of Leah's cute little smile!  Pops is the secret weapon to use with his little grandbaby.  She LOVES her Pops and will smile whenever he's around!  It's so cute.

*UPDATE* I can't believe I forgot to mention this when I first wrote this post.  Austin and I brought Brody along for the pictures because we were hoping to get our Christmas picture taken.  That was when we were doing the OUTSIDE picture so it wouldn't have been weird looking, just like we're hanging out in the grass with our dog.  So anyways, we ended up at the mall and those of you that know Brody know he's very little and quiet and stays in his carrier all zipped up.  No one even knew he was there.  So, when we go to take our picture they have us holding B like he's our BABY!  It was SO funny, we couldn't stop laughing.  We not only felt like idiots, we felt like they thought our DOG was a HUMAN!  Just imagine that picture with Tracy, Ryan & Leah but insert us and B in it instead.  Then we took the "Lion King" picture and Austin and I lost it.  We couldn't stop laughing.  Needless to say, we didn't buy any of those pics but here's a visual of what it looked like!  Ha!  Seriously. 

Can't make this stuff people. 

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