Friday, December 4, 2009

Team Building at it's Finest

Thursday afternoon my group at work took off a little early and enjoyed some "team building" at the bowling alley.  It was a lot of fun!  I don't know how much of the "team building" was related to work but we had a good time and a lot of laughs!  Some of us are pretty good bowlers, I, however am NOT one of them!  My pictures are a little blurry, I don't know what's up with my camera.  :(

Here's Bonnie really excited to bowl!  Or drink beer, not sure which one.  ;)  She did have the highest score of the day though!

Here's a picture of Lilliana, with a little bit of disappointment on her face after her turn.  Funny story to go with that face.  When we got to the bowling alley Lil said "I'm no shark" when I asked if she was a good bowler.  I sat there for a second and said "Lil, that's pool!  You can be a POOL SHARK!" right at the same time that she said "Wait, is that bowling or pool?"  Ha! 

Tunde throwing his HEAVY bowling ball!  He had the heaviest one they had I think.  15 lbs!

The whole group!  Tunde, Eliz, me, Lil, Andrew, Bon, Matt & Jen

We're pretty original.  Our teams names were "Halli" & "Burton" (we work for Halliburton).  It seemed so obvious to those of us who thought of it yet Tunde still didn't get it...  ;) 

Check it out!  I got 3 strikes!  2 of them are shown here as proof!  Don't let that fool you though, I'm still not a good bowler.  ;)

Just hanging out.  Jen is on her phone, probably on Facebook putting restrictions on all of us from seeing her info!  Ha!  Just kidding Jen!  Kind of...  ;)

Good times guys!  Next time we're headed to Dave & Buster's with the boss man!

Happy Friday!


eLiz said...

Love it! Thanks for posting about us :)

Damieon said...

Looks like fun....When I was there no one wanted to team build, LOL.... I really miss all of you!!!! We have to get together.

AK said...

Next time we're doing something i'm good at.....POOL lol