Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Are We Related?

I was just going through some recent pics I took and I came across this one.

That picture was taken on our snow day.  I didn't show it in the previous post because it's a silly picture and I look dumb (I was saying "BRRRR" in this picture, it was COLD!) but when I was going through it again I thought "I know I've seen a picture like this before"....

And this is where!  Tracy took this pic of Leah at the park a month or so ago.  Leah and Aunt Kelly make similar faces, hers is just cuter!  Ha!  I just thought it was funny. 

The Autrey gene is strong!  ;)

Maybe it's just the fists up to the chin and wrinkly foreheads, but hey, it's still funny to me!

Just a little note:  Leah looks nothing like me, she's ALL Mommy & Daddy and sometimes she looks just like her Pops.

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Tracy said...

THAT is hilarious! LOVE it!!!