Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Week - Part One, Autrey Style

Today we kicked off our Christmas week at my parents house.  It's our 1st of 3 Christmas celebrations!

Gabby hanging out under her favorite spot - the Christmas tree.

Why are you taking my picture??

B hanging out with Austin.  He loves to sit like that, funny little guy

Guess who learned to roll over today?!  THIS girl!!  Excuse her dress pulled up to her belly button, she can only handle one thing at a time!  She had a major cheering section there for her!

Such a big girl.  She's so proud of herself. :)

Leah & her Pops.  She loves him so much!

Leah looks pretty scared of Aunt Kelly and her camera flash

Sweet girl checking out the tree with her Daddy

All this present unwrapping is exhausting!

Lainey got her "Trust Me" apron.  She says that about 5 times a day.  Seriously.

Austin with his gift from Ryan.  The camo "Off-road commode".  Hilarious.  I have NO IDEA where Ryan found this or decided to get it for Austin!  Ha!

Just hanging out watching everyone open their gifts

Tracy with her Chloe perfume.  She was VERY happy!

Tracy with her Leah book that Lainey made her!

Lainey, Tracy & Leah

Me, Tracy & Leah

Hey Aunt Kelly!  I rolled over again on my own!

This picture is blurry but it's so cute.  Leah is looking at her Pops and you can just see how happy she is!

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