Sunday, December 13, 2009

Crafty Girls

Liz asked me to help her make a wreath this weekend so today we did that.  Liz is funny and according to her, her best quality is her dancing.  ;)  Craftiness isn't at the top of her list of top qualities so I was pretty proud of the finished product!  I thought it might be me doing the whole thing with her entertaining me but she was right there with me making it!  We just had the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on entertaining us instead.  Good thing we look just like those girls otherwise we might have felt self conscious!  ;)
Here's what we started with

The final product!  It looks a little pinkish but it's not.  It's pretty and has lots of sparkles!  :)

Liz & Chris's dog is named Moose so we had to add a little moose here to represent!

Fun times!

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