Saturday, April 21, 2012


Hannah Lee Townsend!

I just realized that after eight months, I never shared Hannah's birth announcement on the blog.  I'm ashamed to admit that I majorly slacked on her announcements!  I had them ordered and at the house by the time she was about six weeks old and for some reason it took me FOREVER to send them out (she was about four months old when they finally went out)!  There are several people who were supposed to get them but I never found their addresses so instead of asking them like a normal person I just kind of forgot about it and they never got one.  Shame on me.... Oh well, here is a scanned copy of our precious baby girl's announcement!  She was six days old in this picture.

The front

The back

The whole reason I picked this particular announcement was because there was room on the back for a message and I just really liked that.  I love going to friends and families houses and seeing her sweet face on the side of their refrigerators. :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Picture Catch-up

I'm FINALLY catching up on posting some of the pictures we have of Hannah so look for a couple posts in the next few days.  :)

Way back in January (told you I was behind) Tracy and I took the girls to get their pictures taken in these adorable frilly outfits that her sweet coworker made for them.  These are all scanned pics so they aren't that great of quality, FYI.  The girls were barely sitting on their own at this point so it made for a pretty interesting photo session.  Two adults, two barely sitting babies and one very active toddler.  You can imagine how this all went!

Sweet girls.  It's so funny that Tracy and I are sisters and look similar to each other and our daughters couldn't look any more different from each other!  Different skin tone, completely different eyes, different features and hair but almost the exact same weight.  I wonder if either one of them will be a shorty like their Mommas....

I love how Haley is holding onto Hannah here


Hannah Lee

Cutie cousins who are going to be dressing alike until they won't let us anymore!

In March Austin and I took Hannah to get her pics taken again.  Look at how much bigger she was just two months later!

LOVE this pic!  She is such a happy girl!!

The whole purpose of this photo session was the tiny little gold locket she's wearing.  That locket was her AJ's necklace when she was a baby and she's saved it all these years and gave it to Hannah for Christmas.  It was so sweet and Austin and I knew we just had to get her picture taken in it for AJ to have in her room.

It's crazy to see how much she's changed just in these few months!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

School Days

A few weeks ago Hannah had her 1st school pictures day!  I was SOOO excited!  I don't know why, but I was.  I was even more excited to see our baby girls pictures because I KNEW they would be great!  I don't think Miss Hannah has met a person that she didn't love or wouldn't smile for so I had a feeling she was going to be the shining star of her class.  I was right!  :)

 My favorite

Our sweet girl 


Austin said "why is the background SO blue??"  My answer "because they are SCHOOL PICTURES!"  I know it's silly and the background is horrible but what school picture background isn't super ugly?  That's one of the reasons that I had to buy them all.  :)  When I picked up the pictures I asked the photographer how he got her to smile.  His answer, "I just smiled at her".  Perfect!  :)

Can you tell I'm proud of our sweet girl?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Fun

Easter morning after seeing what the bunny brought and watching the big kids go on an egg hunt Hannah was wiped out!  She took a little nap while we watched everyone play.

She woke up with enough time to get her picture taken a few more times with the bunny Aunt Rachel got her. 

She LOVED it! 


LOVE her frilly Easter outfit from Aunt Jan's store!  CiCi got it for her months ago. :) 

Hannah with her Papa C and CiCi 

We got on the road to Waco and got to spend the day with all the cousins and Great Granddad and GG

We then walked down the street to get some of the cousins pics with the ape (with three of them under 3 it's not the easiest thing to do!).  This ape is painted for every holiday, Baylor event, etc.  It's famous in Waco and just down the street from where we spend the holidays.  Noah was so sweet and held Hannah for the pic with his two girl cousins
Emory, Noah and Hannah

The funniest looking Easter bunny I've seen in a while! 

Her face cracks me up here.  It's like she's thinking "WHAT?!  I thought the Easter bunny was furry Mommy!  What IS this thing?!"

 I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your families!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Georgetown Easter Weekend

On Good Friday morning Austin, Hannah and I headed to Georgetown to visit CiCi and Papa Coach.  Hannah was sooo excited to see her CiCi and Papa C!  She made sure she was good and rested to play with Papa Coach for an entire weekend so she slept the whole way there.

She woke up with just enough time to make some last minute calls before getting to their house. 

The weather was beautiful all weekend so we spent a lot of time outside!
Photographers dream right here  :)

Mommy, I know it's a holiday and we're outside and all but I have lots of work to do on my laptop.  Just let me check a few emails before we start playing.

Once Hannah was done with her work she was ready to play! 

Georgetown is known for their beautiful poppy flowers this time of year so we tried to get some pictures of Hannah with them but it was just SO bright that time of day so we only got a few.  It was a bit of a challenge making sure she didn't eat any of the poppies.... 

Why are y'all yelling at me to look at you and smile? 


Pretty girl 

Poppies make me sleeeeepy 

We spent the rest of the afternoon outside and then we headed to the town square for First Friday where all the shops are open with wine and cheese and you can walk around having fun.

On Saturday morning Hannah woke up bright and early so we took her around the neighborhood trying to get some more pictures with the poppy flowers and bluebonnets.

Hi everybody!

Woo hoo!!  This is so much fun!

Pretty girl

Hanging out with Papa C before nap time

Big girl with her sippy cup

Aunt Rachel, Dean and the kids showed up around nap time so after Hannah was rested we headed to a fun park.
Hannah had SO much fun!

So did the big kids....

Such a pretty girl!!!  My little baldy. :)

Going down the slide for the first time with Sayge!

Then it was back to the swings!

She is so funny on the swings, she will lean back in the seat like she's trying to make it go faster.

This picture makes me laugh.  She was sitting on the ground while the big kids were being timed on the obstacle course that Papa C was running for them and she just loved it!  Her face looks like she doesn't but I promise, she was a happy girl.  She kept kicking her legs around.

Faceoff.  Hannah vs Mr Squirrel.

Daddy, Hannah and CiCi taking a walk

Later that night we dyed Easter eggs

Beckett, Sayge and Brodie

Hey guys!  What about ME?! 

Let me OUT!!

After playing some more and crawling all over the house she was ready to go night night! Sayge was so sweet to Hannah and would come up to her and just talk to her all day. She was really excited to get to feed Hannah her night time bottle.

The Easter bunny sure was good to Hannah this year!  She got TONS of goodies in her Easter basket!

Next post is Easter day in Waco with all the cousins!