Saturday, April 21, 2012


Hannah Lee Townsend!

I just realized that after eight months, I never shared Hannah's birth announcement on the blog.  I'm ashamed to admit that I majorly slacked on her announcements!  I had them ordered and at the house by the time she was about six weeks old and for some reason it took me FOREVER to send them out (she was about four months old when they finally went out)!  There are several people who were supposed to get them but I never found their addresses so instead of asking them like a normal person I just kind of forgot about it and they never got one.  Shame on me.... Oh well, here is a scanned copy of our precious baby girl's announcement!  She was six days old in this picture.

The front

The back

The whole reason I picked this particular announcement was because there was room on the back for a message and I just really liked that.  I love going to friends and families houses and seeing her sweet face on the side of their refrigerators. :)

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