Friday, April 20, 2012

Picture Catch-up

I'm FINALLY catching up on posting some of the pictures we have of Hannah so look for a couple posts in the next few days.  :)

Way back in January (told you I was behind) Tracy and I took the girls to get their pictures taken in these adorable frilly outfits that her sweet coworker made for them.  These are all scanned pics so they aren't that great of quality, FYI.  The girls were barely sitting on their own at this point so it made for a pretty interesting photo session.  Two adults, two barely sitting babies and one very active toddler.  You can imagine how this all went!

Sweet girls.  It's so funny that Tracy and I are sisters and look similar to each other and our daughters couldn't look any more different from each other!  Different skin tone, completely different eyes, different features and hair but almost the exact same weight.  I wonder if either one of them will be a shorty like their Mommas....

I love how Haley is holding onto Hannah here


Hannah Lee

Cutie cousins who are going to be dressing alike until they won't let us anymore!

In March Austin and I took Hannah to get her pics taken again.  Look at how much bigger she was just two months later!

LOVE this pic!  She is such a happy girl!!

The whole purpose of this photo session was the tiny little gold locket she's wearing.  That locket was her AJ's necklace when she was a baby and she's saved it all these years and gave it to Hannah for Christmas.  It was so sweet and Austin and I knew we just had to get her picture taken in it for AJ to have in her room.

It's crazy to see how much she's changed just in these few months!


Stephanie said...

It is crazy, isn't it? I wrote a post today with pictures from day 1 with Chloe and I can't believe how much she has changed in just 8 months. Those outfits are to die for! They are the sweetest girls. :)

Chani said...

Have I told you how pretty Hannah is?? She is just the most beautiful baby!!