Thursday, April 19, 2012

School Days

A few weeks ago Hannah had her 1st school pictures day!  I was SOOO excited!  I don't know why, but I was.  I was even more excited to see our baby girls pictures because I KNEW they would be great!  I don't think Miss Hannah has met a person that she didn't love or wouldn't smile for so I had a feeling she was going to be the shining star of her class.  I was right!  :)

 My favorite

Our sweet girl 


Austin said "why is the background SO blue??"  My answer "because they are SCHOOL PICTURES!"  I know it's silly and the background is horrible but what school picture background isn't super ugly?  That's one of the reasons that I had to buy them all.  :)  When I picked up the pictures I asked the photographer how he got her to smile.  His answer, "I just smiled at her".  Perfect!  :)

Can you tell I'm proud of our sweet girl?


Stephanie said...

These are adorable! She is seriously one of the happiest babies ever! I would have bought all of them too - she looks so big!

Steve-n-Angela said...


etphonehome21 said...

Seriously! So cute!!!