Friday, November 21, 2014

Baby T#2 27 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 27 Weeks 

Size of baby: Baby Graham is the size of a head of cauliflower.  He is about 2 lbs and 14.5 inches long (according to Baby Center).   

Total Weight Gain: 13 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants and some regular tops/mostly maternity tops

Gender: It's a BOY!!!  Everyone always says what a difference there is between boys and girls right from the start and I already agree.  This little guy is ACTIVE!!  A LOT!  He kicks, punches, flips, tries to break out, etc ALL. THE. TIME.  I'm not sure how much he's sleeping actually.  It makes me a little concerned how active he will be and how much he will sleep once he's here with us.   

Movement: See above.  Graham is a little party animal!  Did anyone else who had both boys and girls experience more activity with their boys??  He will punch and kick at the same time on opposite sides of my belly which is just super awesome.  ;)  He loves kicking my bladder but so did his big sister.  One thing I don't remember with Hannah is her trying to extend her arms/legs out and it be very sore for me to touch that spot on my belly when it happens.  He does that a lot.  It doesn't feel good.  

Sleep: I usually sleep great.  I pass out super quick most nights and usually only wake up once a night still to go to the bathroom.  

What I miss: Nothing really.

Cravings: No cravings

Symptoms: Just the regular pregnancy stuff.  I move much slower these days!  I'm waddling a little which people at work like to comment on so that's super nice.  ;)  Getting off the couch is more of a challenge and when I get out of bed I purposely do it much slower so I don't get dizzy or lose my balance.  I have the same weird red dots on my upper chest/lower neck that I had with Hannah too.  They went away after I had her so I'm assuming they will this time as well.  I have a few red dots on my face and small darker spots.  It's weird, I have no idea why and they aren't that noticeable but I see them.  My feet are starting to swell just slightly so far, I can tell my shoes are a little tighter the last few days.  Luckily it's boot season so I can hide them once they get super swollen!  Work has been wearing me out lately, it's hard to sit in the chair for long.  My cardiologist and OB  have put me on a restricted work schedule for the remainder of my pregnancy so for now I'm working 5 hours a day/5 days a week.  I have yet to actually only stay at work for 5 hours but once I come back from Thanksgiving I'm going to do that daily.  I can already tell a difference at night just by resting a few hours in the afternoons so I'm really hoping that helps in the long run and keeps me off bed rest this time around.  I'm starting to feel super pregnant now!

Best Moment this week: Hannah just LOVES her baby brother!  She will come running up to me and say I need to kiss/hug my brother.  She does and then she runs off to do whatever it was she was doing.  It's just so sweet.  

Kisses for Baby Graham.  Hannah had crazy hair this morning too!  One more week until the 3rd trimester!!  Crazy!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Baby T #2 25 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 25 Weeks 

Size of baby: Baby T is the size of a rutabaga and is about 13.5" long and weighs about 1.5 lbs (according to Baby Center).  My guess is he is a little bigger than this.  

Total Weight Gain: 11 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants and some regular tops/mostly maternity tops

Gender: It's a BOY!!!  With a name!  His name is Graham Allan Townsend.  Picking a boy name was HARD!!  Hannah was SO super easy!  We literally had one conversation about it and it was done, we knew that was her name.  We talked about Allan before we even knew we were having a boy because Austin has always wanted to name his son Allan after his Grandad's middle name and my Uncle Jeff's middle name was Alan so we knew the middle name right away.  We just had to find a name to go with it.  Not so easy.  One day a few months ago I mentioned Graham and Austin liked it.  It also was my Grandpa's name who passed away the year before Austin and I met.  We tossed around a few other names but Graham stuck so Graham it is!

Movement: He is a mover but he's very shy and selective about who gets to feel his movements.  I've decided he doesn't like light because if I lift my shirt to see him moving around he usually stops so I guess he likes partying it up in the dark.  But his kicks/punches/whatever he's doing in there are STRONG!  He will kick and punch at the same time way down on the lower left side and way high up on the top right side at the same time.  He's taking full advantage of his space in there.  Sometimes it hurts a little but usually it's just crazy feeling.  He had a big time party around 3 am this morning that lasted about an hour.  

Sleep: I love sleep. :)  I've been sleeping pretty good every night, except last night.  I woke up around 2:15 and never went back to sleep.  Between his shenanigans in there and who knows what else I just couldn't go back to sleep.  Usually I'm out like a light super quick though.

What I miss: Nothing really.

Cravings: No cravings really but I still drink chocolate milk every week day morning.  It's just good.  

Symptoms: Just the regular pregnancy stuff.  I'm moving much slower now, getting out of chairs and the bed is a little more difficult.  My tail bone hurts now if I sit for too long, anyone else have that happen?  I get worn out VERY quickly but I think that has more to do with the SVT.  Yesterday we had a crazy busy day and were gone for almost 12 hours and today I feel like I ran a 5K.  My entire body is hurting.  I have a pretty big appetite usually and can eat most everything on my plate at a restaurant which I could never do before.  Food is good, what can I say?? ;)  I feel like I eat a lot actually but so far so good, no one has told me to stop yet.  Haha.  I have the glucose test on Wednesday morning which I'm not super excited about but it will be quick and then be over with.  I remember with Hannah I felt pretty bad after it so hopefully I'm ok this time.    

Best Moment this week: Hannah lately has been giving my belly hugs and kisses every time she gives me a hug.  It is SO sweet!  She just does it all on her own.  She wants to give Baby Graham some loving.  She's going to be such a good big sister.  On another note, we took our family pics/maternity pics yesterday and as usual, she was SUCH a ham!  I really hope the little guy loves getting his picture taken as much as she does because she's probably one of the easiest 3 year olds to photograph I think.  It's so funny, she will be goofing off and as soon as we say look at the camera she is just ON!  So funny.  

We have finally made progress on his room!  We have all the furniture now and after a long day of fabric shopping on Friday, we have his bedding picked out!  Austin bought the paint for his walls over the weekend so we're making some progress.