Saturday, December 28, 2013

Family Pictures

At the beginning of November we had our AMAZING neighbor Amy from Amy Emory Photography take our family pictures again.  As usual, she did a great job!  I love them all!  Here are just some of the pictures she took, there were a TON to choose from!

Happy little family

Daddy and his girl

Such a sweet girl, she was so good and was ON during the entire hour we were there!

Beautiful Hannah

I mean seriously, she was ON!  She posed for every picture all on her own!

Silly face, this is one of my favorites of her, a great shot of her funny personality.

I can't remember what was so funny but I love how hard she is laughing!

We sure do love this girl!


I LOVE these shots Amy got of us

One of my favorite pictures ever.

Yep, our two year old daughter is already half my height.  She'll probably be taller than me when she's in the 5th grade. 

Our little model.  I swear, we didn't tell her to pose one single time!  Amy just set this crate down and Hannah walked over, sat with her back facing us and started turning her head towards us and posing.  She's hilarious.

Happy girl!

Really happy girl

Sassy pants!  This cracked us up!  I have never before or since then seen her walk like this.  


We took a few really quick pictures together while our little munchkin took off running behind us.  Haha.


As always, it was a great time and I LOVE having her take our pictures.  She's the best and Hannah clearly loves her!

Christmas Cards 2013

Here are our Christmas cards for this year!

Picking out our card each year is usually no easy task but this year I decided pretty quickly on these and I love them!

I love the picture on the back. :)

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!


We had a great Thanksgiving this year.  We headed over to my parents house for lunch and the girls had a blast running around like wild little turkeys!

Silly smile!

Love this sweet girl

They found some old soft rollers that I used on my dolls when I was little so Lainey put them in the girls hair.  Miss sassy pants was modeling them for us!

Hannah was just happy her hair is long enough for a roller!


Dance party!

Here are the wild turkeys making their rounds around the house!  They are so funny, they just run all over screaming and giggling while they chase each other (or follow Leah around the house).

Best pic I could get!

Emily, Aunt Janet and Ross

It was a great day!  I've found that the older Hannah gets, the less I bring out the camera, it's too hard to get good pictures of two year olds!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Visit To Aggieland

Last month we made a trip up to College Station to watch the Aggies play Vanderbilt!  We had an early game at 11am so we loaded up and were on the road by 8 so we'd have plenty of time to get settled in before heading to the stadium.

Road trip picture!

We're at Kyle Field!  She was more interested in her surroundings than she was smiling for Mommy.

Watching the players and band walk in.  So serious!

We did something new for this game.  We sat in the stadium seats instead of the suite.  We only had two suite tickets and we wanted Hannah to come to the game with us so got some tickets and sat out with everyone else!  It was fun!

Not a bad view....

Where's Hannah???  Haha.

My girl and me (and some random dude who was apparently sad) ready to cheer on the Aggies!

Clapping for the Aggies!  Love her face.   Ha.

She's so silly

Haha.  Love it.

That's better!

She got bored with "watching football" pretty quickly but luckily I brought a backpack full of entertainment.

A little before halftime we went out to stretch our legs and get some lunch.  She had a blast running all over the place!

Then we ran into Aunt Tracy and Uncle Ryan!  They were there cheering on Ryan's alma mater Vanderbilt.  I guess they didn't cheer loud enough...  ;)

After halftime Hannah and I decided to take a walk around Kyle Field instead of watch football since she was getting a little restless.  We took some pics....

and then went shopping at the MSC!  Fun.  Hannah wanted a football and I think Daddy was pretty excited about her first "boy toy"!  I got her 2014 Aggie wardrobe while we were there.  :)

Too cool.

Then we met up with Daddy and all our friends again to tailgate!  I got zero pictures of this.  Too busy watching after a two year old I guess.

We went to say hi to Ms Pat and Mr Bruce.  Hannah got some lovin' from Ms Pat.

and some tickles!

This was a few hours later.  I'm pretty sure she had a great day!

We can't wait for next season!